PHOTO: Travis Tritt, Blake Shelton Celebrate with NASCAR Star Clint Bowyer at His Retirement Party

by Madison Miller

Travis Tritt, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and Guy Fieri all were photographed with Clint Bowyer to celebrate his retirement from NASCAR.

The group of five was in Kansas Sunday night to celebrate Bowyer.

In a tweet, Tritt said, “I had a wonderful time hanging out with my friends Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Guy Fieri and Clint Boyer for Clint’s retirement party tonight in Kansas!”

Guy Fieri and Clint Bowyer have been friends for a while. They filmed an episode of the Food Network star’s show, “Diner Drive-Ins, and Dives” together in 2013. They met in his hometown of Kansas City for some BBQ and were bombarded by fans wanting pictures during the day.

Shelton participated in the Burnout on Broadway event in Nashville last year. He drove with Bowyer as he did burnouts throughout the city.

The photo, however, did generate some controversy amongst individuals on Twitter. One person said, “Hope you all get COVID so the example you are setting takes.” Another person said, “Never heard of covid?”

Lastly, another fan said, “I love and respect everyone in this photo but I have to say I’m disappointed that no one had a mask on. Please be better.” The comment section is mostly flooded with commentary on whether or not huddling together for a picture with no masks was a good idea at the moment.

For reference, according to WSBTV, Georgia had it’s highest single-day death toll on Jan. 9 from COVID-19. There were 100 deaths, which is the highest there’s been since August.

Clint Bowyer Retires

In October Bowyer announced he’d be hanging up his Stewart-Haas Racing suit at the end of 2020. Now, his plan is to be in the FOX Sports booth instead.

Bowyer has had 10 career wins. He had two during his time driving for Stewart-Haas in his second season. Since then, Bowyer hasn’t had any wins, even in the entire 2020 season.

His best year was back in 2012. Here he was the runner-up in final standing and was able to score three wins in his No. 15 Toyota. However, the move to the booth isn’t much of a surprise. For fans of NASCAR, it was evident that retirement may have been on the way.

This season he was in the FOX Sports booth perhaps more than he was on the track. He was the NASCAR Xfinity Series analyst and was helping during the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series during the empty COVID-19 schedule.

Now, Stewart-Haas Racing will need to find a new racer for the 2021 upcoming season.

Bowyer has had a strong relationship with NASCAR over the years and will continue to foster his love and knowledge of the sport while in the booth.