PHOTOS: ‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Hangs Incredible Antique Bike at His Nashville Shop

by Maggie Schneider

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe is caught hanging an antique bike in his Nashville store, Antique Archaeology.

What is a better decoration than an antique bike? American Pickers star Mike Wolfe is caught hanging a 1935 Elgin Bluebird in his shop’s latest Instagram post. The relic is both customized and motorized. In the first image, Wolfe is standing on a ladder, making sure that the piece is hanging just right. The Bluebird looks like the perfect centerpiece of Antique Archaeology.

“We had an extra pair of hands from @mikewolfeamericanpicker in the Nashville shop today hanging this customized and motorized 1935 Elgin Bluebird. SWIPE for a closer look,” the Instagram caption reads.

The bike is hanging inside the shop’s Nashville location. Fans are in awe over the new antique.

“That’s a real Relic 😱😱,” one fan writes.

“Nice place to hang it,” another user says.

For more information on Wolfe’s shop, visit their website.

The Difference Between ‘American Pickers’ and Hoarders

In a new interview, Mike Wolfe talks about the differences between hoarders and pickers. While there are television shows about both, the “American Pickers” star says that hoarders are not proud of their collections.

“But the people we come across are collectors; they are proud people who are proud of their collections,” he says. “On Hoarders, no one was proud. Even when you look at collections that are stacked on top of one another, the collectors are still proud of them. That’s the separation between a collector and a hoarder. A hoarder may start out proud, but they aren’t in the end.”

While Wolfe makes this distinction, he agrees that pickers and hoarders do have similarities.

“I watched Hoarders last night. The hoarder talked about the thrill of hunt, that they were excited to find something on a hunt. That’s the same thrill we get.”

American Pickers was created because of Mike Wolfe’s passion for antique hunting. He wanted to showcase both the thrill of the journey, as well as the stories told along the way.

“I was traveling all over the country, coming back with all this great stuff—bikes, motorcycles, Vespas, gas-station signs from the thirties, anything I thought I could make a buck on. And I had these amazing stories from people I met on the road, so I started making home movies, showing them to friends and putting them online.”

In 2010, the first episode of American Pickers aired on the History Channel. Today, the rest is literally history.