PHOTOS: Dwayne Johnson Sits with Daughter for Mini ‘Jungle Cruise’ in Hilariously Cute Moment

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Dwayne Johnson is so clever. The Rock threw a Covid-delayed birthday party for his daughter and managed to make Daddy’s new movie part of the theme.

The party for Jazzy was this weekend. According to an Instagram post, Johnson rented out a nearby Chuck E. Cheese for Jazzy and her friends. Despite the very early hour, the party guests, collectively, were bursting with of so much energy (as opposed to the host.)

Dwayne Johnson posted:

“Saturday: 8:30AM. (yes 8:30am ) Riding the Chuck E Cheese version of “Daddy’s JUNGLE CRUISE”

“We rented out the joint for Jazzy’s 5 1/2 (since she never got to have her party during Covid lockdown). So all the kiddos can go completely ape shit bonkers and have a blast.

“A big warm MAHALO to the Chuckee Cheese staff for coming in early morning to take such great care of our families.”

Then Johnson mentioned a young man named Matt, saying he “was outstanding in making our whole experience a special one. … Thank you my man!

“We all had an AWESOME time and as you can see here my 270lbs completely dislodged this poor little boat off it’s happy hydraulic hinges.”

Then Dwayne Johnson offers some suggestions for the party ride.

“Sorry, Chuckee, we’re gonna need a bigger boat. And thanks for the pizza and ice cream for breakfast. (I’m sending you some tequila for your troubles;) )

Did You Hear About Dwayne Johnson and His New Movie?

Movie theaters have opened up around the country for the first time since the Covid shut down in March, 2020. And because the theaters are open, blockbusters are back.

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt star in Jungle Cruise, which is set for a July 30th opening in theaters and for premium subscribers to Disney+. It initially was set for a 2019 premiere, which was pushed back to last summer, then rescheduled again because of Covid. Disney based it off its Jungle Cruise ride at its parks. The setting is the Amazon River. It’s Johnson’s fourth movie for Disney and the first since Moana in 2016. Blunt also has starred in four Disney movies.

The movie trailer gives the film an African Queen vibe. That’s the movie from 1951 that starred Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn. Its setting was Africa in World War I. In this scenario, Dwayne Johnson would be Bogart. Blunt isn’t necessarily Hepburn, who played a missionary. Rather, Blunt plays a character who may be more like a female version of Indiana Jones.

IMDB reports that a decade ago, Tom Hanks and Tim Allen were in negotiations to do a similar movie.

Here’s a look at the trailer. We’re betting Dwayne Johnson inspires many more Jungle Cruise birthday parties.