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Photos: Korie Robertson Posts Photo of ‘Cutest Hunter’ She Knows

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Michael Buckner/ACM2015 / Contributor/ Getty Images)

Korie Robertson has taken to Instagram to show off her husband dressed fully in camouflage for a successful hunting trip. 

Korie Robertson posted on Instagram for her nearly 1.9 million followers four photos of Willie Robertson’s hunting trip, where he ended with a successful kill of an elk. 


The first photo shows Willie looking into the camera dressed in camouflage with a tan vest on top. The background has snow and what appears to be mountains in the distance.

The second photo is Willie holding a compound bow as his weapon of choice for the hunt. He has since lost a few layers of clothing but still is dressed in all camouflage. He stands over a cliff that now has no traces of snow. 

Finally, Willie shows off his massive elk in a photo with a big smile across his face. He holds the bow in one hand and the elk’s antlers in the other, again in a different outfit from the previous two pictures.

In the last picture, Korie shows off her husband’s cooking skills with the elk from the third photo deep fried in an iron pan with onions and other fruits and vegetables accompanying it. 

Korie captioned the photos, “My man went out west, walked 132 miles through mountains and valleys, in the heat and snow, sun up to sun down…and brought home dinner! @realwilliebosshog your fried elk stacked with mushrooms, onions and apples, with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy is officially my favorite meal! Thank you for taking such good care of us😋😉 You’re the cutest hunter I know!! I love you forever and always!”

Robertson Fans on Instagram

The post has already gotten more than 63.6 thousand likes and 280 comments. 

Many users wrote on the post congratulating the family on the prized hunt. One said, “Mrs. Robertson, respectfully, you are still his greatest catch!” While another said, “I’m going to tell you something: that guy really can cook. The amount of times I’ve referenced his griddle burgers is one million.”

Willie even took the time to comment on his wife’s tribute to himself, saying, “It was the hardest, funnest hunt I’ve ever done. Glad it ended the way it did.”