PHOTOS: Ozzy Osbourne Feeding and Playing with Baby Goats Might be Best Thing We’ve Seen Today

by Samantha Whidden

Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne took to his Instagram on Friday (July 16th) with some snapshots of him feeding and playing with adorable baby goats for a Flashback Friday post.

“Fun with Goats on @OzzyJackWorldDetour #fbf,” Ozzy Osbourne writes in the post caption. The rocker even posted a snapshot of a goat standing on his back. 

Ozzy tagged the series Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour, which is a reality TV series starring the rockstar and his son. According to IMDb, each episode would have the duo, aka “history nerds,” hit the road to explore some sites and learn more about their history from experts. The show ran for three seasons, with Ozzy’s daughter, Kelly Osbourne joining the cast in the third season. 

Ozzy Osbourne Speaks Out About the Government’s Information on Aliens

During a recent discussion on his SiriusXM channel, Ozzy’s Boneyard, Ozzy was discussing the latest footage from the U.S. Navy footage which shows what is being described as a mysterious object flying. The U.S. government also recently released details about more than 100 UFO encounters. 

“There is a lot coming out now and there is stuff that they are releasing now,” Ozzy explains. He also claims he was a “non-believer” of aliens before but has begun to believe that there may be life in outer space after all. 

Ozzy Osbourne states he doesn’t actually believe all the information is out there, but that might actually be a good thing. “And the reason why [the government does] not tell us [everything] is because if they told us about other things on other planets, that would f—- the religions and everything up,” the rocker claims. He then says not all the“Information” out there cannot be all false.

Osbourne then states, “When you go back into the biblical times when something came and you did not know what it was or you did not know how things were flying. You saw something and you would think it was f—ing God.”

Ozzy Osbourne Reveals How He Would React During An Alien Encounter

Also during the discussion, Ozzy reveals how he would react during an actual alien encounter. “I would not make a sudden f—ing move that is for,” he answers. Osbourne then explains that he wouldn’t be up for an “anal probe” by the extraterrestrials either. “No, [I wouldn’t be open to it], but I know a few people who would – and be happy about it.”

Ozzy also predicts what would happen if aliens would land in the U.S. “‘We come in peace… bang,’ Osbourne declares. “[That is] what would happen if they land in America where everyone has a f—ing gun.”