PHOTOS: Sean Astin Proves He’s the Photobomb King Pranking Same Woman Twice 26 Years Apart

by Kati Michelle

Sean Astin made waves on the internet recently when it was revealed that he pranked the same woman twice by photobombing her photos. This isn’t your typical photobombing situation, however. What makes this situation peculiar is the fact that the two photos were snapped 26 years apart. Moreover, both interactions came about by complete happenstance.

The woman from the photos, Gabrielle Kerr, AKA @Awkward_Coat5543 took to Reddit to share the novel story. She never expected the story to blow up the way it has, but she is grateful for all the support. Many commenters also praised her for sharing such a wholesome story in lieu of the chaotic news that typically makes its rounds through media.

You can take a look at the photos here:

From a Ball to Disney: A Fairy Tale Starring Sean Astin

In 1993, Gabrielle and her father were counting on a family friend to get them to one of the Clinton inaugural balls. For whatever reason, this person and their tickets fell through, so Gabrielle and her father had a decision to make. The two got dressed to the nines and simply waltzed right into the event, without any problems. The duo snapped photos of each other all night and it wasn’t until getting the film developed that they noticed something that gave both of them a good chuckle.

In the background of one of the photos, Sean Astin was clearly photobombing Gabrielle. In her letter addressed to Reddit, Gabrielle talks about what happened after that:

“Flash forward 26 years I’m at Disneyland for the opening of Galaxy’s Edge and guess who walks by?! I ask my hubby if I should try and show Sean the photo (which I had in my phone) and he said go for it. So I run after Sean and yell ‘excuse me Sean, you photobombed me, do you want to see the picture?!’”

She goes on to recount how Astin was gracious enough to stop and talk with her about the initial photo’s backstory. His wife and daughter even joined in the conversation and took a look. It was Sean, then, who brought up the idea of recreating the photo. Thus, Gabrielle ended up with not only one, but two photos starring Sean Astin in the background 26 years apart.

Sean Astin, of course, is an ’80s icon making this strange encounter the envy of fans everywhere. Astin got his start, starring in “The Goonies” as just a child. He followed this up with a long and storied career. After all, who can forget “Rudy” and its climatic feel-good ending? Of course, most will remember Astin for his role as Sam in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. He also recently starred in “Stranger Things” as well, cashing in on that ’80s cred.