Pierce Brosnan Celebrates Wife Keely on 20th Anniversary with Then-and-Now Photos

by Samantha Whidden

Earlier this week, former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan took to his Instagram to wish his wife, Keely, a happy anniversary. The couple celebrated 20 years together. 

“Happy anniversary my darling Keely, my love forever grows with you…☘️❤️” Pierce Brosnan captions the post, which features then and now snapshots of the couple. 

Keely also took to her Instagram to wish Pierce a happy anniversary. “Still the one! Happy 20th wedding anniversary @piercebrosnanofficial ✨ Thank you for the gift of your love and friendship. The world is more beautiful with you in it! 4-8-94 / 8-4-2001”

Prior to his marriage to Keely, Pierce Brosnan was married to Australian actress Cassandra Harris from 1980 until 1991. The couple had three children, two Brosnan adopted from Harris’ previous marriage. Harris died from ovarian cancer at the age of 43.  Three years later, Brosnan met Keely in Mexico, and the couple was married in 2001. They have two sons together, Dylan and Paris. 

Pierce Brosnan Opens Up About His Marriage to Keely

In a 2017 interview with People, Pierce talks about how simply romantic his marriage to Keely really is.

“My wife and I took a short trip up to Santa Barbara. We were going for a romantic weekend and to look at houses and drink great wine,” the Mama Mia! Actor recalls. He also says that the couple didn’t listen to any music, but just listened to the sounds of each other’s voices.  

Pierce also says that his last perfect day off consisted of him painting his painting studio, going to the beach, and having lunch with his wife. “Around 5 o’clock, I went out and watched the sun go down. Keely sat beside me, we had a glass of champagne and talked about the day. It’s very simple and the best.”

Pierce and Keely Celebrate the First Time They Met

The couple’s anniversary also comes just a few months after both Pierce and Keely celebrated the first time they met – just 27 years ago. Piece wrote on his Instagram, “Like only yesterday, the years fly by my love, so many dreams with you, onwards my love.”

Keely also shares on her social media account, “Happy 27th my love! Celebrating the day we met (April 8th, 1994 as well as the day we married August 4th, 2001). Love you and the life we share. Photo by Cesare Bonazza Tahiti circa 1995.”

Pierce also says in a previous interview with People that he found a great woman in Keely. He also says that during their first date, there were fireworks and Kenny Loggins was singing. “We talked until 3 in the morning,” Keely recalls. “I understand why women find him sexy because he is an appealing man. He really likes and appreciates women.”