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Pierce Brosnan Says He Would Fight Daniel Craig for Chance to Star in a James Bond Musical

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

Pierce Brosnan handed the role of James Bond to Daniel Craig in 2005. Now, Brosnan says he’ll fight Craig to get the role back. But this Bond would be a little different. The GoldenEye star wants to sing for his shaken martini.

Pierce Brosnan wants to do a musical version of a James Bond spy thriller. He told BackStageOL that he should play the suave spy with the golden pipes. They let Daniel Craig know how serious his predecessor was about the non-existent role.

“[Brosnan] told me to tell you, if there is a James Bond musical, he is going to fight you for the lead,” an interviewer relayed to Craig during his recent press tour for No Time to Die.

Brosnan proved he can sing in Mama Mia and Mama Mia! Here We Go Again. But his challenge isn’t just for Craig. He’ll take on any former Bond that thinks they can sing better. That means you, 82-year-old George Lazenby, and you, 75-year-old Timothy Dalton.

“I am all in really,” the 68-year-old Brosnan said. “Daniel Craig doesn’t stand a chance! None of them do! None of them can sing like I do!”

Craig doesn’t want a Bond fight. Moreover, he doesn’t want the role at all.

“He can sing! I can’t sing, so it’s all his!,” he told The Express. “I wouldn’t subject the world to that!”

But Craig has sung on screen before. In 2006, he played convicted killer Perry Smith in Infamous, which follows author Truman Capote’s friendship with the killer while he researched his book In Cold Blood. Craig’s character records a song before his (spoiler alert) execution.

James Bond fans argue often about which actor is the best Bond. Well, science has put an end to the discussion. And it’s not who you think it is.

You’re probably going to say it’s Sean Connery. He played Bond as a cool, callous killer and set the bar for all future actors to take the role. You might say it’s Pierce Brosnan because he reinvigorated the franchise in the 1990s. But you’re wrong.

The most popular — and therefore greatest — James Bond of all time is Timothy Dalton.

Screenrant analyzed IMDb ratings of every James Bond film to find who had the highest viewer rating, and it was Dalton by a nose. His average audience score for his two Bond films (The Living Daylights and License to Kill) is 7.3. Daniel Craig scored 7.2 over his five films. Connery finished in the middle of the pack with a 6.9 average rating, which was ahead of Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore who tied at 6.6. And in last place is George Lazenby, who only donned the Double-O for one film. His On Her Majesty’s Secret Service rated 6.1.