Pierce Brosnan Will Play a Badass Hitman in Upcoming Film

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

With one of his most notable roles being that of the British secret agent James Bond, Pierce Brosnan is looking to change things up. His latest part will see him play a badass hitman in an upcoming film.

Screenrant reports Brosnan being cast as the lead in Fast Charlie, an action thriller about a hitman going solo. He appears to have a full plate right now, with upcoming projects including Black Adam, The King’s Daughter, The Out-Law, Youth, The Medusa, The Last Rifleman, and Not Bloody Likely.

Fast Charlie is based on the crime novel Gun Monkeys by Victor Gischler. Screenrant states the project team claims the movie is “a killer film about an especially likable killer.” The synopsis says Brosnan’s character, Charlie Swift, worked for a mob boss for 20 years. After receiving threats from a rival boss, he doesn’t succeed in eliminating them. With things becoming personal, Swift goes solo.

Appearing alongside Brosnan are Phillip Noyce and Richard Wenk, both action film veterans. The line of producers for the film is also stacked, with David Fannon, Seth Needle, Mark Damon, Tamara Birkmoe, David Nagelberg, Daniel Grodnik, and Mitchell Welch all contributing.

The producers expressed their excitement for the project with a statement about the star-studded cast. “Pierce Brosnan, Phillip Noyce and Richard Wenk have delivered some of the most commercial, action-filled films of the past few decades. We’re certain audiences across the globe will jump at the chance to enter into this exciting world and story.”

With production scheduled to begin in January, it’s going to be a long, difficult wait.

Pierce Brosnan is Ready to Fight Daniel Craig if There’s Ever a James Bond Musical

With the fight concerning the best James Bond being eternal, Pierce Brosnan wants to be the best, but in a different way. If there is ever a James Bond musical, Brosnan says he is ready to fight Daniel Craig for the role.

Talking to The Express, Brosnan not only said he wanted to do a James Bond musical, but he would fight for it. After speaking to the outlet himself, they passed along the message to Craig when he was on for an interview for No Time to Die. “[Brosnan] told me to tell you, if there is a James Bond musical, he is going to fight you for the lead.”

To be fair, Brosnan already proved himself with the Mama Mia movies. “I am all in really. Daniel Craig doesn’t stand a chance! None of them do! None of them can sing like I do!” Bold words, indeed.

What does Craig have to say about it, though? “He can sing! I can’t sing, so it’s all his!,” he told The Express. “I wouldn’t subject the world to that!”