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Pink Slams Twitter Troll for Downplaying California Wildfires

by Jacklyn Krol
Pink Responds to Twitter Troll Regarding California Wildfires
Taylor Hill, Getty Images

Pink clapped back at a troll on Twitter for downplaying the California wildfires.

Pink Responds to Twitter Troll

On August 20, Pink first sent her prayers out to all of the brave firefighters that were battling the blazes.

On Thursday (September 10), the “What About Us” singer reminded everybody how deadly and devastating these fires are.

“It’s raining ash here in Cali and we’re no where near the fires,” she wrote. “The sky is hazy and the sun can’t shine. My heart feels as heavy as the air. I pray and pray for the universe to show up for the firefighters and for the people having to flee. And the climate change needs CHANGE.”

A radio presenter, Shadoe Davis, sent an angry response to the pop star. “Knock if off with the climate alarmist stuff already. It’s a fire,” he wrote.

Pink quickly replied to the troll. “It’s not A FIRE,” she tweeted. “It’s 40 some fires. And tell that to the people fleeing and losing everything. Have some compassion you f–king idiot.”

See her tweets, below.

The Wildfires

The California wildfires began over three weeks ago. Firefighters are beginning to gain control of the flames as the weather conditions improve. Over 14,800 firefighters have been deployed to the 28 major wildfires. 24 new fires were sparked on September 10, according to the state’s website. Most of the new flames were contained within the day.

News updates stated that the smoke layer will help hold the current cooler weather into this weekend. The onshore flow will increase humidity to help the firefighters manage the fires better.

Overall, wildfires have destroyed over 3.1 million acres in California in the past year. To compare, the 2020 wildfires burned 26 times more than in the same amount of time last year. So far, 19 people have died and over 3,900 buildings have been destroyed.

The government’s website broke down the most intense wildfires. The largest wildfires this year include the August Complex, No. 3 SCU Lightning Complex, No. 4 LNU Lightning Complex, No. 9 North Complex, and the No. 16 Creek Fire. The most destructive fire No. 9 LNU Lightning Complex and No. 10 CZU August Lightning Complex were the most destructive fires. The two deadliest fires were No. 10 North Complex and No. 20 LNU Lightning Complex.