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‘Pink Floyd’ Legend Roger Waters Calls Out ‘Toxic’ Former Bandmates, Says It Was ‘Important’ to Leave Band

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Matteo Chinellato/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

To this day Pink Floyd continues to inspire upcoming and prevalent musicians. However, the band apparently had its share of issues internally, with former band member Roger Waters saying his peers were “toxic” and it was “important” he leave.

Speaking on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast about leaving the band in 1985, he bluntly said they were “snotty and snippy because they felt very insignificant.” Further, Waters says this split was crucial to growing as a musician and furthering his solo career. “It was really important that I got away when I did.”

Telling Waters he was “tone-deaf” and “didn’t understand music,” occurred regularly. “I was in a very toxic environment where I was around some people – well, David [Gilmour] and Rick [Wright] mainly were always trying to drag me down. They were always trying to knock me off.”

The feeling appears to be mutual, as members of Pink Floyd don’t seem keen on reunions or anything of the sort. Speaking to Guitar Player earlier this year, David Gilmour said “it has run its course, we are done,” regarding interacting with Waters. “I’m all for Roger doing whatever he wants to do and enjoying himself.”

Nonetheless, Waters recognizes Pink Floyd’s achievements. Even if his experience with the band wasn’t the best, he knows the music they created remains impressive. “Those years that we were together, whatever it was like socially, there is no question but that we did some really good work together,” he told Maron on his podcast. “We didn’t share the vision but we shared the work.”

In other news, a newly remixed version of A Momentary Lapse of Reason is due on October 29. This is a remix of the first Pink Floyd album recorded without Waters.

Lisa Marie Presley Says Music That ‘Affected’ Her Most Was Pink Floyd

The daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley revealed in a 2005 interview one 1970s British rock band inspires her the most. The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin are good guesses, but it’s actually Pink Floyd.

Started in 1965, Syd Barrett led the band but left in 1968 due to mental problems. Roger Waters then headed the band and became its driving force. Lisa Marie Presley loved their direction, stating their 1979 The Wall album resonated with her most. Speaking with Pop Entertainment, she explained her answer, citing its lasting legacy.

“The music that had the most profound effect on me was Pink Floyd’s The Wall. … That album spoke for me like nothing else. The whole entirety of it too. I loved it. I loved Hey You, Mother, Comfortably Numb, all those songs. … It was recorded back then but it still stands the test of time. It’s still so powerful. It’s one of those albums that never dies.”