‘Pioneer Woman’ Declares Her ‘Psyche Is Still on Vacation’ in Sweet Selfie With Husband Ladd

by Leanne Stahulak

It seems like “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond has taken more adorable pics of and with her husband Ladd this past week than she has all year.

But can we blame her, when the two of them look so cute? And when they finally have some alone time while on vacation?

Usually, the family has at least one of their five kids hanging around Drummond Ranch. Their youngest son, Todd, is still attending high school in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, after all. But for the “Pioneer Woman’s” most recent trip to Vail, Colorado, only her husband Ladd joined her for a fun-filled outdoor adventure.

Their week-long escape has unfortunately come to an end, but we can tell vacation is still on the “Pioneer Woman’s” mind. She did, after all, literally say so in her most recent Instagram post.

“My psyche is still on vacation,” Drummond wrote. She also posted the cutest selfie of her and Ladd, both of them grinning and glowing fresh from their trip.

The “Pioneer Woman’s” followers know the feeling. Drummond’s friend and HGTV star Jen Hatmaker commented on her post from her own vacation spot in Maine.

“I leave my vacay tomorrow and I am pre-mourning. My psyche wants to continue the magic but Texas summer is going to make me hate things again,” Hatmaker wrote. Drummond quickly replied. “@jenhatmaker Don’t leave, it’s a trap!”

Another follower commented to confirm Hatmaker’s worst fears. “@jenhatmaker yes and especially since we hit 100° today in Texas and it feels like 111°,” the Instagram user responded.

One of the “Pioneer Woman’s” fans circled back to the adorable selfie with Ladd. They wrote, “I really appreciate how Ladd has let you take all these pictures of him!!”

It’s true, some people are really photo-aversive and won’t let you near them with a camera. Drummond confirmed that she definitely took advantage of the opportunity. “@curryms He was all in, so I took approximately 3,462,293 photos. 😂 My phone is sluggish now…”

How Does ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Know Jen Hatmaker?

You’d think HGTV and Fodd Network stars wouldn’t have that much crossover. But Jen Hatmaker’s HGTV show “My Big Family Renovation” only lasted for one season in 2014, and since then, she’s made more of a name for herself as an NYT bestselling author and award-winning podcaster.

Said podcast is actually where she met “The Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond. Hatmaker hosted Drummond on “For the Love” back in November 2017, and the two have been close friends ever since. Hatmaker even promised during the podcast episode that she wouldn’t let Drummond walk away from their interaction so easily.

“I’m not terribly ashamed to tell you, but I was just so determined to have her on the podcast, that I just chased her down like a hunter,” Hatmaker said. “I’m just absolutely shameless. I just wanted, not only, to have her on the podcast, but I wanted her to be my friend, and so somehow I finagled her cell phone number out of it, and now I’m determined to make her mine.”

The two regularly talk and comment on each other’s Instagram posts now, as true friends should.