‘Pioneer Woman’ Has Her Kids ‘Crying’ After Posting ‘Scrumptious’ Pic of Husband Ladd

by Leanne Stahulak

“Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond makes no secret of the fact that she’s completely, hopelessly, head-over-heels for her husband, Ladd.

The two have been married for 23 years and have four children together (plus a bonus kid). They live together on the Drummond Ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, where Ree films “The Pioneer Woman” and Ladd raises cattle.

This past week, the two took a vacation together to Vail, Colorado, for some couple time. The “Pioneer Woman” has been keeping everyone up to date on their travel adventures via Instagram, featuring gorgeous photos from their trip. And yesterday, Drummond posted a totally sweet (and totally cheesy) photo of her husband with a whopping bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.

While the pic was adorable, Drummond’s hilarious caption really grabbed everyone’s attention.

“Have you ever seen ANYTHING more scrumptious?!?!? (The pasta looks pretty good, too!) My kids are cringing right about now…har har har,” the “Pioneer Woman” wrote.

The Drummond kids did not disappoint. One of the top comments on the post comes from oldest daughter Alex, who recently got married.

“OK WE GET IT, LOVEBIRDS,” Alex wrote, calling her parents out. She quickly followed up with a reply to her own comment. “jk, we love to see it.”

Youngest daughter and middle child Paige also responded to her mom’s post. “Chilllllll,” Paige said.

The “Pioneer Woman’s” youngest son Todd had just one word: “Bruh.” Ree only responded to his comment, saying “Toddie,” with the laughing face emoji.

Even licensed therapist Nina Westbrook and HTGV star Jasmine Roth commented with the laughing face emoji. Many fans in the comments laughed as well, calling both Ladd and the spaghetti “delicious.”

The ‘Pioneer Woman’ And Her Husband Make The Most Of Their Vacation

Since they arrived in Vail last week, the Drummonds have been enjoying their quality time together. They’ve gone hiking, eaten delicious meals, raced each other up random staircases, and danced in the sunshine on their morning walk.

The “Pioneer Woman” even posted another thirsty caption about her husband a few days ago while they were out hiking. “My hair is on fire…just like our love. (Sorry )” Ree wrote.

In an earlier post, Drummond also confessed that she could see Vail becoming their home. But there’s just one small snag in that plan.

“We’re walking everywhere and having a great time! We’d totally move here, but where would we put the cows?” Drummond said.

All in all, they just seem happy to be out of the house and able to travel now that things are opening up again. On their first day of vacation, the “Pioneer Woman” opened up about how their last trip to Colorado didn’t go as planned.

“Last time Ladd and I tried to go to Colorado together, there was this really bad accident involving a fire truck and we didn’t make it. So my answer to the question ‘How happy are you to be in Colorado with your husband right now?; would most definitely be this: Happy. So very, very, extremely, through-the-roof, over the moon happy.”