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‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Takes Adorable Pic with Baby, Talks About When She Wants Grandchildren

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine)

Now that Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond’s oldest daughter has tied the knot, most people would think the Food Network star has grandbaby fever. However, as Drummond stated in her latest Instagram update, this isn’t the case–or at least, not yet.

In her most recent post, Drummond posed with an adorably chubby baby girl in her gorgeous home on the family’s ranch. She introduced baby Cate as the daughter of a “superwoman” that works for her on the show.

“Does it make me want to have another baby? No. Does it make me want grandchildren? No. (Not yet anyway pls…),” Drummond wrote in her caption.

For fans of The Pioneer Woman, this might come as a shock. Drummond’s family, and her kids in particular, are a huge source of motivation and inspiration for the home chef. Many of the meals that she prepares or the activities she does are with or for the benefit of her five children.

Although, maybe the fact that her life is already so busy from sunrise to sunset is the reason Drummond isn’t ready for another baby in the house. And that’s completely understandable. Between her show on Food Network, blog, books and home life, it’s amazing the Pioneer Woman has any time to herself. So, for now, Drummond isn’t ready to put the “grand” in front of “mother.”

‘Pioneer Woman’ Gives Huge Shoutout to Assistant Haley Carter on Instagram

Despite her lack-of-baby fever, Drummond shared that Cate’s visit instead gave her the opportunity to appreciate all the work that her employee, Haley Carter, does for her. Carter, as the Pioneer Woman, explained used to be the Drummonds’ babysitter when Ree and her husband Ladd first wed. Now a mother in her own right, Carter is Drummond’s assistant on her cooking show.

“Haley was a little girl when I married Ladd 25 years ago, she babysat my children when she was in high school and college, and now—as a grown woman (superwoman, really)—she works for me,” Drummond continued in the caption of her photo. “I say superwoman because Haley is just one of those special humans who quietly and intuitively and constantly helps and gives and does, without seeking a speck of recognition.”

Suddenly though, the Pioneer Woman realized she had made the moment about the mother rather than the baby in her arms.

“Hey, I thought this post was going to be about Baby Cate! But it wound up being about Haley. She’s a good one,” she wrote.

Lucky for “Baby Cate,” she not only gets to hang out with a celebrity chef when she visits her mom, but she also becomes a part of the loving and always accepting Drummond family.