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‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shares ‘Cute’ Picture of Daughter Paige With Family Dogs

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine)

On Tuesday night, the “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond shared a cute pic of her daughter and their family’s dogs along with a hilarious caption.

Paige Drummond is home from college this week, and her parents are soaking it in while they can. Ree and Ladd Drummond‘s daughter is currently a senior in her last year at the University of Arkansas. She came home recently to her family’s working ranch just outside of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. She’ll head back to school soon, but the Pioneer Woman is clearly enjoying time with her daughter.

The mother and daughter are also enjoying time with their family’s Bassett Hounds. Ree Drummond has almost four million Instagram followers, and they see the dogs often on her account. Once again, the famous chef posted a pic that included their two pups alongside Paige in her cowboy hat.

Their dogs struck the perfect awkward pose for Ree’s photo. Rusty and Fred’s personalities are clearly on display. It’s not hard to figure out who is who in the funny picture.

“Posting this because Paige is cute, Rusty is shy, and Fred is weird,” Ree Drummond amusingly captioned her photo.

Ree Drummond Gushes About Daughter Paige Coming Home to ‘Work Cattle’ with Her Dad

Ree Drummond also shared a heartfelt post yesterday about her daughter coming home to help her father work on the family ranch.

The Pioneer Woman and her husband, Ladd, raised their five children on their Oklahoma ranch. The couple share four biological children and one adopted child. Therefore each of their kids know what a long, hard day of work looks like. However, with four of their five children in college, there are fewer helping hands around the ranch these days. You could say Paige’s presence at home this week was a welcome sight as she helped her dad work their cattle.

The couple’s oldest daughter, Alex, got hitched over the summer and obviously lives with her other half these days. Next, their eldest son, Bryce, is a backup quarterback for the University of North Texas Mean Green. Their adopted son, Jamar, goes to school at the University of Central Oklahoma. Of course, as mentioned, Paige attends the University of Arkansas. Which leaves youngest son Todd who is a senior in high school as the only child left before the Drummonds become empty nesters.

Ree took another pic of her daughter while she was with her father. If you look below, you’ll see Rusty and Fred once again as well.

“What makes Ladd happy? Paige coming home to help him work cattle. Our basset hounds. A pleasant sunny day. And a snickerdoodle in his right hand. He has pretty simple wants,” Ree Drummond wrote on her post.