‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Describes the ‘Very Busy’ Prep to Make a Food Network TV Show

by Quentin Blount

Have you ever thought about what all goes into making a Food Network TV show? Well, luckily we have Ree Drummond to help show us.

Ree Drummond is a blogger, author, photographer, and television personality. She started her cooking show, The Pioneer Woman, back in 2011. And for those who don’t know, the show is filmed at The Lodge on Drummond’s Pawhuska, Oklahoma ranch. The Lodge officially became the site of the show after her husband, Ladd, first renovated the couple’s property back in 2008. The Lodge now features a test kitchen, prep space, prop room, and an office. She does the filming of her show on her own property. And she has written her numerous cookbooks there as well.

So, what does the prep for Pioneer Woman look like versus her prep for writing a cookbook? The Food Network star talked about just that with Cowboys & Indians in an interview back in 2019.

“Both are very busy,” she explained. “The difference is that I can work on the cookbook at home in my yoga pants. While the TV show requires that I look a little more presentable (i.e. brush my hair).”

Ree Drummond Says She Has to Balance Filming ‘Pioneer Woman’ with Her Daily Life

As you can probably imagine, there are a lot more aspects to filming a TV show than there are to writing a cookbook. That is twofold for Ree Drummond, who films her show on her own property. She talked about having to balance her personal life with her professional life.

“I do think the TV show is the most challenging in terms of having to balance the time demands with my daily life,” she said. “The production crew comes to Oklahoma for one purpose only — to shoot my TV show. On the other hand, my world goes on turning and I have to navigate my home life amidst this whole other factor.”

It may be challenging to balance such a crazy home schedule, but Ree Drummond manages to do so with grace. And perhaps that’s because when she is finished filming, she doesn’t have to worry about the show any longer.

“But the flip side is that once the shows are filmed, they’re out of my hands!” she said. “So, while it’s crazy during the time the production crew is here, once they’re gone, I can quickly pivot to other projects.”

It definitely makes sense that Ree Drummond feels relieved after having finished filming The Pioneer Woman. While she films at The Lodge on her property, she is able to do the rest of her work from the comfort of her actual home. It must feel pretty good to be a television star during the day and then kick back at night in her pajamas to write her cookbooks.