‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Drops Hilarious Slow-Mo Video of Hound Dog Fred: ‘He Needs a Scrunchie’

by Jonathan Howard

Is there anything better than an old, country dog? The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond shared a great video of the family hound dog, Fred. The basset hound can be seen running and flopping out of some tall grass and across a small paved road. The Drummond family lives on their cattle ranch in Oklahoma.

Those familiar with The Pioneer Woman know that Ree Drummond loves her family. She is always cooking for them on her show, talking about them, and helping plan wedding meals. So, of course, the family dog is going to get in on the action too. Drummond caught Fred in slo-mo and shared it on her Instagram.

Fred, clearly a basset hound, looks great in the video! Nothing beats a big, floppy dog. Hound dogs and their distinctive ears and wrinkles make them such popular dogs. Oh, also their general hunting abilities. However, it is doubtful that Fred is out hunting much. Drummond suggested one solution for Fred’s ears and wrinkles. The video came with the caption, “Fred needs a scrunchie!”

There isn’t another dog quite like the basset hound. Life on the ranch looks pretty good for a hound. Also, this isn’t the first appearance that Fred has made on The Pioneer Woman Instagram page. Just last week she shared a video of the beloved pet. While it wasn’t in slow motion, the scene was familiar. Back in that post, Drummond referred to Fred as a “butthead,” but let’s admit it, all dog owners can relate.

‘The Pioneer Woman’ Shares Life On Insta

The video of Fred is just the latest from The Pioneer Woman, she shares lots of pictures and videos when she isn’t filming from her kitchen. A lot goes on at the Oklahoma cattle ranch. Throughout the years, fans have watched her children grow up and quite a bit has changed.

This year, her daughter Alex got married. Drummond helped plan and cook the dinner herself. When your mom is The Pioneer Woman, is there any other option? The closeness of the Drummonds has always been clear and made fans fall in love with Ree and the family.

Those that have kept up with The Pioneer Woman since the beginning will remember her two sons, Bryce and Todd. All these years later, Bryce has gone on to do some pretty big things. After going through high school playing football, Bryce earned a 3-star rating. Now, he’s throwing footballs for North Texas and the Mean Green. Todd is still playing in high school, but both were recently featured on her Instagram, celebrating their growth from kids to young adults today.