‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Drops ‘Vacation Selfie Scrapbook’ Showing Sweet Vacation Pics With Husband

by Keeli Parkey

After a vacation comes to an end, we often look back on the trip we took through the photos captured on our phones. That’s what “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond has done. And, she posted some of her favorite shots of her and her husband, Ladd Drummond, together for her millions of fans to view.

The famous couple recently vacationed in Colorado. And judging by their photos, they had a great time. Ree created what she called a “vacation selfie scrapbook” and posted it to Instagram. The photo collage consists of nine photos of Ladd and Ree enjoying their trip together.

According to what the “Pioneer Woman” shared on social media, she and Ladd captured more photos of them together during their week-long vacation than they had in decades.

“Vacation selfie scrapbook from last week! I snapped more selfies with my spouse last week than in the twenty-four (plus!) years we’ve been married. This oughta do us for awhile!” Ree Drummond shared.

The celebrity cook also noticed something she thought was very humorous in one of the photos.

“Look at my crooked sunglasses in the top left photo, it cracks me up for some reason,” she shared. “I was going for the carefree-in-love look but wound up looking a little off-kilter. Story of my life. I love you, Ladd!” the “Pioneer Woman” posted.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Kept Fans Updated on Her Colorado Vacation

While she summed up her Colorado vacation with her husband, Ladd, with her “vacation selfie scrapbook,” “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond kept her fans updated via social media about what they got up to while their vacation was going on.

For example, in one of her vacation shots, the Food Network star posted a photo of her and Ladd on a hike. “My hair is on fire…just like our love. (Sorry),” Ree posted along with this photo.

In another Colorado vacation Instagram post, the “Pioneer Woman” shared some of her photo tips with her followers.

“Ladd took this photo of me,” Ree posted. “I take some of him, he takes some of me, and sometimes kind passers-by take one of us together. Oh, and selfies happen here and there.”

In this same post, the celebrity chef said she and her husband were enjoying their Colorado trip so much, that they wouldn’t mind living there. However, their priorities at their Oklahoma ranch were calling them home – eventually.

“We’re walking everywhere and having a great time! We’d totally move here, but where would we put the cows?” the “Pioneer Woman” also said.

Drummond also posted videos from their trip. One showed her taking a dance break while on a hike. Another video showed her racing Ladd up a flight of stairs.