‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Explained the Story Behind Her ‘Best in the World’ Cinnamon Rolls

by Amy Myers

Imagine Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond has just put a fresh batch of sweet and gooey cinnamon rolls in the oven. The dough starts to expand and the sugar caramelizes. Once she pulls them out of the oven, she drizzles a layer of icing over top. Can you smell them now?

Ree Drummond doesn’t name her cinnamon rolls “the best in the world” for nothing. In fact, she shared with Design & Living magazine that the recipe originally came from her mother. So, not only are they ridiculously delicious, but they’re also time-tested. Drummond also shared that any straightforward, from-scratch recipe is her specialty.

“Anything quick like a chocolate sheet cake from scratch, no problem, total confidence,” The Pioneer Woman said. “Steak, all of the predictable things I can whip up, no problem.”

What Drummond Believes Make a ‘Perfect’ Recipe

Behind every good meal is an even better recipe, just like her cinnamon rolls. But when it comes to the breakdown of a perfect recipe, The Pioneer Woman explained that it’s not quite as simple as calculating measurements. Rather, it’s created through your expectations for the meal.

“The perfect recipe is something that results in what you want to eat,” Drummond said. ” I think the perfect recipe, there probably is no such thing, but if it results in something that you love or your family loves, to me that’s perfect.”

She also added that there’s a difference in baking and cooking recipes.

“I prefer cooking to baking. Baking, to me, is very precise and it’s about perfection. Cooking is more about flying by the seat of your pants. Even if you don’t have something, you can sub in something else. You can’t do that a lot in baking,” The Pioneer Woman said.

Now that we know her best recipe, is it possible Ree Drummond has a “worst in the world” dish?

If you ask the chef, she’ll say yes, but something tells us that she holds her food to a high expectation than the rest of us.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Reveals One Recipe She Hasn’t Mastered

Despite her ability to amaze and inspire viewers each week with the meals on her cooking show, The Pioneer Woman admitted that not everything she makes is as polished as her cinnamon rolls.

Remember the bread craze of last year, when home cooks everywhere tried their hand at different types of bread made from scratch? Well, you can bet Ree Drummond wasn’t that excited about the trend. Artisan bread, along with her least favorite food, bananas, seems to be Drummond’s kryptonite.

“I’ll make it and it’s fine and it tastes like bread, but I just can’t nail it,” The Pioneer Woman said. “It’s different every time. It’s my nemesis.”

It’s safe to say Drummond won’t be whipping up a batch of banana bread any time soon.