‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Explained How Her Success ‘Started on a Complete Whim’

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine)

When she began sharing details about her life through her blog, Ree Drummond had no idea that that creative outlet would lead to her becoming famous as “The Pioneer Woman.”

She talked about how she went from being an unknown wife and mother who shared her thoughts with a few people online to being a popular television star and celebrity chef during an interview with Design and Living Magazine in May 2017.

The blog that got the ball rolling for Ree Drummond’s path to “The Pioneer Woman” fame began 15 years ago. And, according to what she said in 2017, starting that blog wasn’t something she really planned to do.

“It started on a complete whim,” Drummond said. “I started as a blogger in 2006, and there were certainly blogs then, but it wasn’t quite as prevalent as it would become.”

Very early on in her blogging career, the future “Pioneer Woman” had a very limited fanbase. That fanbase consisted of someone who was very near and dear to Ree Drummond.

“I just started with a personal blog, free software online and no plan at all except that I would post photos and my mom would read it,” Drummond also shared.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Said Her Blog Allowed Her to ‘Express’ Herself

When she began her online presence, “The Pioneer Woman” simply looked at it as a way to “express” herself. She was not looking for it to lead to all it has – you know, the television show, cookbooks, fame, etc.

“(The blog) enabled me to express a creative side that I didn’t know I had,” Ree Drummond shared. “I lived in the country for 10 years at that point, so maybe it stored up and needed to come out somehow.”

What would follow for the celebrity chef in the years that followed was very unexpected. It was something, according to Ree Drummond, that she never expected. She described what happened to her on her road to fame as just “a natural evolution.”

“It was just really a natural evolution,” “The Pioneer Woman” also said. “I started posting recipes months later and a couple years later, my first cookbook came out, so if I’d have planned it all ahead of time, there’s no way. I couldn’t possibly have done it because it was such a natural evolution.”

According to Biography.com, it was during 2011 that Ree Drummond’s blog was getting more than 20 million views each month. Also, that year is when her television show made its debut.

One thing that helped her on her way to “The Pioneer Woman” fame was a competition she had with another celebrity chef. That chef was Bobby Flay. And in 2010, Drummond faced off with him in the kitchen on “Throwdown! With Bobby Flay.” To the surprise of many – because Flay doesn’t lose many cooking competitions – Drummond defeated him.