‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Perfectly Explained Why You Should Be Using Coffee in More Dishes

by Amy Myers

Calling all coffee addicts. Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond has a few new ways that you can enjoy your morning beans both in and out of a mug.

A self-professed coffee “freakazoid” herself, Drummond can’t get enough coffee throughout the day. In fact, she even has specific ways that she enjoys her favorite drink, depending on the time of day. First thing in the morning, when she’s preparing breakfast for her kids and rancher husband, the Pioneer Woman likes her coffee over ice. Later in the day, though, she prefers the traditional method of a steaming hot cup. Although she cheekily admitted, she always “over-creams” her coffee.

“I always joke when I order my coffee that I’d like just a little bit of coffee with my cream,” Drummond told Imbibe.

To the Pioneer Woman, though, coffee isn’t just a delicious drink that gives you a boost of energy. It’s also a great baking ingredient. Drummond adds coffee to just about any dessert recipe, especially if it has chocolate. From cakes to pastries, her secret ingredient is also a frequent ingredient.

“The thing to me about coffee is that there’s not much it doesn’t go with,” Drummond shared. “Typically, I’ll add coffee to my chocolate recipes, whether its brownies or this really easy pot du crème I make in the blender where coffee is the main ingredient—I just love the depth of flavor it adds. I really can’t think of too many things I wouldn’t put coffee with.”

One of her most popular coffee-centered recipes is her Mocha Brownies, which feature super chocolatey brownies with decadent, “mile-high” mocha frosting. She suggests that her fans pair the dessert with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Dropped Line of Coffee Products

Coffee and Ree Drummond fanatics have even more reason to celebrate with the Pioneer Woman‘s line of coffee products. For those that require more than just a generic brand of beans, consider purchasing a bag of P.W. Coffee.

“Mornings come very early on our ranch. Coffee is one of my favorite things about rising and shining, and I love to sip it all day,” Drummond said when her new line of products debuted.

More than just a cup of mud, Drummond incorporated some of her favorite desserts into the flavors of her coffee. In partnership with Zavina, the Pioneer Woman provides her fans and fellow freakazoids with varieties like caramel brownie fudge and créme brûlee. Other flavors even harken to some of Drummond’s famous recipes, like her mother’s cinnamon rolls and her personal favorite, pecan pie.

Available in both single-serve pods and whole beans, Pioneer Woman watchers can enjoy the next episode of her cooking show in true Drummond fashion.

Just don’t forget to make the first batch of the day an iced coffee.