‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Explains How ‘Not Being a Trained Chef’ is Why She Connects with Viewers

by Chris Haney

During a 2019 interview, the “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond opened up about her family, fame, her food, and why she thinks she connects with viewers.

Drummond shot to stardom behind her blog about life on her family’s Oklahoma ranch. Her readers got to hear about her family and their daily life on the working ranch that sits outside of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. She also shared recipes and how to cook many of the meals she cooks in everyday life. Not long after, Ree became an author of her own cookbooks, and she’s continued to grow ever since.

These days, Drummond has her own cooking show on the Food Network. Additionally, she has a physical store in Pawhuska called The Pioneer Woman Mercantile. Yet as big as the Oklahoman has gotten, she still thinks she’s easily relatable to most of her fans. As an untrained chef, Ree thinks it helps her stay grounded and connected to viewers.

“I’m not a trained chef, and so I have a level of accessibility,” she said in the 2019 CBS News interview. “I’m not going to show [viewers] anything that is beyond their skill. And also, I use a lot of ingredients that are pretty easy to get.”

The “Pioneer Woman” said she prefers recipes that aren’t complicated and that are easy to remember. Some of her favorites are comfort food like sticky buns, macaroni and cheese, and her trademark chicken-fried steak.

“It’s really food that people want to eat, right?” asked CBS News correspondent Alina Cho.

“It is, and the answer to that question is usually either butter or crème!” Drummond laughed. “Why is this so good?

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond and Husband Ladd Are All-Smiles in Adorable Vacation Pic

With her hand in so many pots, the “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond is a busy woman to say the least. Therefore it was a welcomed change of pace when she and her husband, Ladd Drummond, went on vacation recently.

The Food Network star and her husband have four kids together amongst their hectic lifestyle. There’s always something to be done around the ranch, and that’s not even mentioning Ree’s “Pioneer Woman” empire.

As mentioned before, Drummond is the star of her own cooking show. Furthermore, she is an author, blogger, food writer, and photographer. So like we said, she’s a busy woman indeed. That’s why it had to feel great recently when she and her husband got out of town for a bit to rest and relax. The Drummonds took some well-deserved time off together.

The couple left Oklahoma for a ritzy vacation in Vail, Colorado earlier this month. It’s clear after their recent return though that the “Pioneer Woman” is stuck in vacation mode. On Sunday, Drummond posted a photo of her and Ladd on vacation and shared that her “psyche” is still in Colorado.

“My psyche is still on vacation,” Ree Drummond captioned her Instagram post.