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‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Links Up With Old Friend on Trip To NYC

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine)

While life out on the ranch in Oklahoma can be a bit boring, the Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond makes the most of her out-of-town visits. She caught up with an old friend in NYC recently.

It is really bizarre that we are passing three years since 2019 began very soon. 2022 is right around the corner as the end of this year comes to an end. The picture that the Pioneer Woman shared showed her and an old friend out at a bar with quite a mural behind them. It looks like a good place to catch up on things.

The post caption explained the entire situation. It seems like this reunion is a long time coming.

“My strange, unhealthy (or maybe it’s been healthy in the long run?) tendency when I travel for work is to go out and accomplish my work, then hole up in my hotel room and get caught up on emails, rest, relax and restore.” However, that changed when she realized she could see her friend on her trip.

“But things feel different now, so when I had the opportunity to see David today, even the allure of blackout shades and Bravo shows couldn’t keep me in my room. David lives in NYC, traveled to Oklahoma for many years to work on my cooking show, and he’s so dear. He’d retired from the show a year or so before the pandemic, so we hadn’t seen each other for over three years. He was a sight for sore eyes, a salve to my soul, and a reminder that I can always rest and restore some other time. Connection is so important.”

The Pioneer Woman is taking it all in, it seems.

New ‘Pioneer Woman’ Cookbook, Ree Reveals Fave Dishes

For fans of the Pioneer Woman that have been waiting for something new to come out, her new cookbook is just what you asked for. Ree Drummond has released a number of books in the past. This one has some great dishes. It covers 120 “super easy” recipes. Things that are quick and simple.

Every now and then the best meals are the ones that don’t take a ton of time. So, this cookbook is trying to bring those great easy recipes to your own kitchen. Drummond has remarked on these recipes. They are simple and have helped her out when time was not in abundance. Working parents and families don’t have time to make a huge meal every night.

The Pioneer Woman herself shared some favorite dishes from the new book. They included multiple deserts and other tasty items. There are some fried dishes, plates of pasta, and more in her favorites. There is no telling what other wonderful meals are included in the book.