‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Named the One Dish She Cannot Perfect: ‘It’s My Nemesis’

by Jon D. B.

Want to get to know a baker, cook, or chef? Ask for their failures. Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond doesn’t hesitate revealing her own. In fact, she has herself a regular arch “nemesis.”

While speaking to Design & Living back in 2017, Ree Drummond answers questions matter-o-factly. She’s got nothing to hide, it seems, which comes as a large part of her Pioneer Woman brand. Drummond doesn’t shy from realistic ingredients (see: canned goods) that audiences can cook with at home. And she’s painfully honest about her difficult move from the big city out to the rural living of Drummond Ranch.

At the heart of it all, of course, is her cooking. Of which Design & Living wanted to know: what are you bad at?

“From watching your show, it seems like you can make anything. But is there anything that you just cannot perfect?” the trade asks of the Pioneer Woman herself.

“Yes, and it’s big. It’s artisan bread from scratch,” Drummond admits. “I’ll make it and it’s fine and it tastes like bread, but I just can’t nail it.”

Apparently, Drummond’s artisan bread is “different every time” she makes it. Which has, of course, led to this baking conundrum becoming the official arch-enemy of the Pioneer Woman.

“It’s my nemesis,” she buttons the issue.

Yet on the flipside, Drummond also reveals what dish she cooks best.

“I can say that my cinnamon rolls are the best in the world, and I thank my mom for that. It’s actually her recipe, so I can’t take all of the credit.”

Can’t say anyone we know would turn down some Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls.

From Cooking to Ranching: The Pioneer Woman’s Legacy

As for other dishes Drummond has perfected along the way?

“Anything quick like a chocolate sheet cake from scratch, no problem, total confidence. Steak, all of the predictable things I can whip up, no problem,” she tells Design & Living.

When she’s not cooking, or writing, or speaking, or all of the above at once, Ree Drummond is at home on her ranch with her husband, Ladd , and their five children. But where exactly is the Drummond Ranch?

Located in Pawhuska of Osage County, Oklahoma, the Drummond Ranch is overseen by Ree and her husband, Ladd. They are, as one would guess, The Drummonds of Drummond Ranch! Right outside their homestead is the Pioneer Woman general store and restaurant, where their kids all help out. Fans can even tour the ranch for themselves by starting out at the general store.

There, “Ree has gotten used to rising before five every morning, trudging through snow and ice to feed animals, and driving more than an hour to see a movie on the big screen,” says Pioneer Woman staff writer Kelly O’Sullivan back in May.

But the Pioneer Woman wouldn’t change any of it. Not one bit.

“Being on the ranch, absent the buildings and highways of cities, we’re really able to see the four seasons of the year in all their dramatic glory,” she adds for her official website. Catch another glimpse of Drummond Ranch‘s gorgeous sunsets and cattle right here.