‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Once Listed Her Families Favorite Meals

by Jon D. B.

When it comes to Ree Drummond‘s family favorites at meal time, that’s something that “changes a lot,” the Pioneer Woman says.

Ah, the glories of the internet: a place where fans of big personalities can find the answers to all their pertaining questions if only by looking for it. We love doing just that at Outsider. During a revealing sit-down with Design & Living back in 2017, Ree Drummond gave many matter-o-fact answers fans will love.

The Pioneer Woman, as we know and love her, might as well go by another moniker: Queen of Home Cooking. Drummond doesn’t shy from realistic ingredients (see: canned goods) that audiences can easily find, then cook within their own kitchens.

All of the above plays into her answer when Design & Living asks: “What is your family’s favorite meal?”

“It’s probably five favorite things,” Drummond offers. “One of them is chicken parmesan, of all things, and it’s not the best, authentic Italian version. It’s very Americanized.”

Next up is “Chicken fried steak,” says the Pioneer Woman. “We don’t eat it very often, but when we do they’re like putty in my hands.”

Another favorite? Breakfast for dinner! “We like to do breakfast for dinner a lot with biscuits and gravy or things like that.”

That’s three out of five. Or perhaps its four and we should embolden breakfast for dinner as its own answer? We say this because Drummond only lists one more “favorite family meal!”

We did so just in case. Then, she ends with “Tex-Mex quesadillas,” which her family “loves.”

“It’d be hard for them to unite into one favorite meal. Every kid has their own favorite,” Drummond concludes.

Answers to the Big ‘Pioneer Woman’ Questions Continue

In full, Design & Living‘s interview with Drummond is delightful. Her trademark down-home honesty is on full display. Which, of course, leads to more excellent answers to more pertinent questions. Like “what are you bad at?” for example.

“From watching your show, it seems like you can make anything. But is there anything that you just cannot perfect?” the trade asks in full of the Pioneer Woman.

“Yes, and it’s big,” she offers. “It’s artisan bread from scratch… I’ll make it and it’s fine and it tastes like bread, but I just can’t nail it. It’s different every time I make it.”

Every hero needs an arch enemy. And with a name like The Pioneer Woman, Drummond surely has one – and we just learned it’s name: the dreaded Artisan Bread.

“It’s my nemesis,” she caps the question. What a treasure, she is. As such, Design & Living wasn’t going to let that question marinate too long without a saving grace.

What are you best at?” follows as the next inquiry, to which Drummond responds: “I can say that my cinnamon rolls are the best in the world, and I thank my mom for that. It’s actually her recipe, so I can’t take all of the credit.”

Raise your hand if you now want to try some authentic Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls. I’m allergic to cinnamon, and I still want to.