‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Opened Up on How She Cooks the Same Food at Home as on Show

by Amy Myers

Just like directors can typecast actors to only portray a certain role, so too can producers typecast cook show hosts to only make a certain type of food. However, for the host of The Pioneer Woman on Food Network, this thankfully isn’t the case.

The recipes Ree Drummond shares in her books and on her show are the same ones she prepares for her four kids and husband in their home on an Oklahoma ranch. And honestly, this makes us even more jealous of her family.

Without a good relationship with her producers on Food Network, The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, likely wouldn’t stick around for her show. Luckily for her hungry viewers, Drummond reported to Design & Living that Food Network is very flexible with her style of cooking and hosting.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Values Authenticity in Her Recipes

The talented, country-style chef claimed that the network never pushed her to make a certain type of food. And even if they did, Drummond wouldn’t feel right about cooking anything that didn’t feel authentic to her.

That’s why so many Food Network viewers admire and relate to The Pioneer Woman. Her authenticity speaks volumes about how she cooks and runs her household. Airing more on the side of casual fare, Drummond never tries to be something that she’s not. One important aspect of her cooking is mixing in fresh ingredients whenever possible, but at the same time, not fearing the canned goods aisle in the grocery store.

“The truth is I live in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. I can’t go to Whole Foods to grab something on the way home,” Drummond shared, adding that she only has a small grocery store at her disposal. “I try to use fresh ingredients.”

Drummond Discusses Making the Perfect Weeknight Meal

Along with the slim pickings from local grocery stores, another hurdle many home cooks face is making the perfect family meal after an eight-hour workday. As healthy and delicious as an all-fresh produce dinner may seem, sometimes, it’s just not in the cards. And for The Pioneer Woman, that’s just fine.

“When it comes down to Wednesday night, cooking a dinner, I just want to tell people that it’s okay,” Ree Drummond said. “Not everything is out of the can, obviously. That wouldn’t be healthy, but you can do a little mixing in of ready-made ingredients with fresh and it’s good…”

The other part of the equation to a weeknight dinner is finding a recipe that everyone likes. And Drummond has dealt with that issue plenty of times in her own home. She shared that her husband “is a cowboy,” and her kids at times can be picky, forcing her to become creative with her concoctions. However, that’s the beauty of being The Pioneer Woman.

No recipe is a mistake, and every meal eaten together is a good meal.