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‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Posts Breathtaking Pic of Horse ‘Little Buddy’ That Has Lived on Ranch Over 20 Years

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

“Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond has gotten close with a number of animals during her 25-year marriage to cattle rancher Ladd Drummond. Unsurprisingly, a good number of those include horses.

The Drummonds own a ranch out in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, where they raised their four biological kids and one foster son. While the “Pioneer Woman” originally planned to move out to Chicago for law school, she ended up settling in the country with her hunky husband instead. Since then, the Drummonds have made an incredible life for themselves, with Ladd running the ranch and Ree running her own Food Network show.

But when she’s not cooking in the kitchen, Ree Drummond likes to take in the sights around her 430,000 acre-ranch. Earlier today, she took to Instagram to share a stunning sunset photo near the horse stables. One of Drummond’s favorite horses, Little Buddy, made an appearance in the shot.

“L.B. stands for Little Buddy, and he likes to stare at sunsets. He’s lived on the ranch for twenty-one years, just four years less than I have. I love this headstrong, quirky boy,” the “Pioneer Woman” wrote.

Little Buddy certainly seems content as he gazes out toward the pink and blue horizon. The light from the sunset seems to cast the white horse almost blue in the picture.

The “Pioneer Woman” has been sharing all kinds of love for her animals and pets this week. Just Wednesday she shared an adorable video of the family basset hound, Fred. As the basset emerges in slow motion out from the long grasses, his ears flop all over his face in the cutest way.

“Fred needs a scrunchie!” Drummond captioned the post.

Fellow Food Network host Gesine Bullock-Prado commented on the video, “He needs to be in a L’Oréal commercial.”

Drummond followed up with the perfect response. “@gesinebp Because he’s worth it!!!”

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drumond Celebrates Start of Sons’ Football Seasons

The “Pioneer Woman” can’t post enough sweet pictures to her Instagram page. Earlier this week, she shared a “then and now” post of each of her sons, Bryce and Todd.

Bryce, her oldest son, starts playing for the University of North Texas this fall. Todd, the youngest Drummond kid, starts his senior season at Pawhuska High School at the same time. In each post, Ree Drummond posted a pic of the boys when they were younger, followed by a current photo of their football-filled summer.

“How it started vs. how it’s going. Go Bryce! Go Mean Green!” Drummond captioned the post for her oldest son. While for her younger son, she wrote, “How it started vs. how it’s going – Todd edition. (He’s a little taller now?) GO HUSKIES!”