‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Posts Breathtaking Video of Cattle on Ranch That Husband Ladd Filmed ‘From His Horse’

by Leanne Stahulak

Though she wasn’t always a country gal, “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond has definitely taken to the ranch life out in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

She married a cattle rancher, after all, whose family has owned Drummond Ranch for four generations. Ladd and Ree Drummond have now raised four kids on that ranch (plus a “bonus kid”), where Ree hosts her Food Network show, “The Pioneer Woman.”

But while Ree spends her days cooking, Ladd is out on the ranch, herding cattle. According to Biography, the couple owns about 430,000 acres of land, where hundreds of cattle graze. This puts them on the list of the top 25 landowners in the U.S.

And occasionally, Ladd will send the “Pioneer Woman” updates from his time out on the far stretches of the ranch. Earlier today, Ree posted a video that her husband sent her of their beloved cattle.

“Ladd sent me this video from his horse a few days ago. Just in case you need a Monday morning moo,” Ree captioned the Instagram post. In the video, a hazy yellow fog swirls around the dozens of mooing cows. More ranchers on horseback ride behind the long line of cattle, herding them around a small body of water. The ranch’s hills rise and fall in the murky background.

When several fans started posting comments on the video, the “Pioneer Woman” actually responded to a good number of them. One fan asked, “I have always been curious to know. Do you all have any herding dogs?”

“No, but we have Basset hounds that think they’re herding dogs,” Ree Drummond replied with a laughing emoji.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Works The Drummond Ranch With Her Husband And Kids

Back in 2017, Drummond talked to Design & Living about the work she helps out with on the ranch. Though she admits she doesn’t do a ton of heavy lifting.

“I wouldn’t say I do a lot of tough chores,” Drummond said.“I leave that to my husband and kids.”

She clarified, “I don’t do the heavy-duty work where they have to wrestle the calves to the ground. I’m happy to leave that to those with experience.”

Though she’s most comfortable in the kitchen, the “Pioneer Woman” isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

“I will pitch in if they are shorthanded when they need me,” she said. “That’s not my strong suit, but there’s nothing I wouldn’t do.”

Including, apparently, working with blood and guts. “Blood and things like that don’t bother me,” she said. “My father was a surgeon, so maybe that’s why. I seem to always be the gate opener. I give shots.”

Despite all the work that goes into it, it looks like Ree Drummond loves living on the ranch with her Marlboro Man husband.