‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Previews ‘Football Food’ From Upcoming Episode

by Jonathan Howard

Thank goodness, new episodes of Pioneer Woman are back. This week, Ree Drummond is making some food fans might make for the big game.

Drummond has been looking energetic and happy to be back behind the cameras. It is a bit of a smaller crew, but things seem to be going as well as before. So, to give fans a little taste of what’s to come tomorrow morning on Food Network, she posted a clip to her Instagram.

In the clip, the Pioneer Woman reminisced about her time as a teen in the 1980s. It looks like she has scraped out plenty of potatoes and is ready to move on to the next step. But, she has a funny story to tell that is classic Ree. So, fans will really enjoy this clip and likely the episode tomorrow. Check it out below and see for yourself.

As usual, Drummond was passionate about the food, her story, and the video itself. Her caption said it all and then some.

“On my Food Network show tomorrow. Saturday morning, I’m making football food, and something as simple as a potato skin sends me on a trip down memory lane, where the mall/flirting excursions happened weekly and the good judgment was scarce,” Drummond wrote. What a way she has with words, huh? “I miss Spencer’s Gifts! And what was the name of the music store where we bought tapes? I’d give anything for an Orange Julius. My mom got mad at me for a t-shirt I bought at Spencer’s once, [by the way]. In my defense, I was 15 and didn’t understand what that word meant, haha. See you tomorrow morning!”

Pioneer Woman, football food, tomorrow morning! So, check it out.

‘Pioneer Woman’ Saves Husband From a Sticky Situation

Life on the ranch isn’t all cooking and being a Food Network star for the Pioneer Woman. Ree has to work around the farm, too. Especially when her husband, Ladd, gets his truck stuck. In a video, Ree got him red-handed and made him admit who saved him.

“What happened?” Ree asked. Ladd said, “I got stuck in the bog.”

“Wait, I have an important question. Who did you call to come rescue you?”

“The most capable person I know,” Ladd said, laughing. “I knew you’d pull me up.”

What a great answer. The Pioneer Woman lives true to her name. Getting meals cooked, kids to school, husband unstuck from the bog, and more all in a day’s work for Drummond. She doesn’t mess around when it comes to life on the ranch. While she used to scan the mall for cute guys, she now scans the fields of the ranch for her stranded husband.