‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Recalls Hilarious Cooking Story From Her Youth

by Victoria Santiago

During a short Instagram video clip, Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond said that she wasn’t always a good cook. Hard to believe, right? We agree. As eyebrow-raising as that statement may be, the story she has to go along with it is pretty funny.

The video clip is less than a minute long, so we don’t get too much detail. Drummond tells us all of the important parts, though. The video clip starts off with the Pioneer Woman finishing up a batch of homemade Caesar dressing. She mentions that she doesn’t think there’s anything better than a homemade version of the salad dressing.

Ree Drummond might have her Caesar salad dressing recipe down pat now, but that wasn’t always the case. She jumped right into an unfortunate, garlicky story about one of her first times making the salad dressing. According to her, she was in her early twenties and hadn’t really nailed down the art of cooking yet. She invited someone over for a date and made Caesar salad for them. The dressing for the salad was homemade, of course.

Can You Ever Have Too Much Garlic? Apparently, You Can

However, instead of adding one clove of garlic as the recipe said, Ree Drummond accidentally added an entire bulb. She got the terminology mixed up. Needless to say, the Caesar salad dressing was quite strong. “It was the garlickiest, garlic experience I’ve ever had in my life,” the Pioneer Woman laughed.

She said that her date was nice about it, and didn’t say anything. She wondered what was going through his mind as he was eating, though. Whatever he was thinking, she’ll never know. He never called her again. We wonder if the two are related.

“There’s just a great deal to unpack in this 45 second clip. See ya on my Food Network show tomorrow/Saturday morning!”

Fans React to Ree Drummond’s Caesar Salad Mishap

Fans thought that Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond‘s story was pretty funny. It was relatable for a lot of them, too. Many fans took to the Instagram comments of the video to share their own similar experiences.

“I did the same thing when I was in my 20’s too & my husband was stinking of garlic for days. He still tells people about it,” one user shared. We wonder if the man in Ree Drummond’s story tells people that he got fed garlicky Caesar salad by the Pioneer Woman herself.

“Sort of reminds me of the time I made pesto & it made Zack barf,” commented another Pioneer Woman fan. “It was very romantic.”

The moral of Drummond‘s story (and all of the funny comments underneath it) seems to be that we all have to start our cooking journey somewhere. And along the way, we all use a little too much garlic.