‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Revealed Why She Had to Wait to Talk Openly About Foster Son Jamar

by Amy Myers

Ree Drummond is more than just a talented home chef on her Oklahoma ranch. She is also a versatile author of successful nonfiction and fiction books. Since beginning her cooking career as a blog writer, Drummond has had an inspiring journey that took her to the forefront of Food Network. Now, as she continues to educate viewers about top-notch recipes and in-home hacks, she’s open to sharing more about her family and life that viewers don’t usually see during her cooking show, The Pioneer Woman.

When Ree Drummond first discovered her passion for cooking, she was dedicated to her online presence and worked hard to create a likable persona that her audience could relate to and learn from. And, it worked. However, just because she stands in front of a professional camera crew doesn’t mean that Drummond has lost her passion for sharing her experience. In fact, in one of her latest books, Frontier Follies, Ree Drummond shares with readers exactly what life is like for a city girl to fall in love with a “Marlboro Man” and leave the life she knows to live on a ranch.

A huge part of Ree Drummond’s journey is her love and devotion to her family. Besides her rancher husband, Ladd, Ree has two daughters, two sons, and one very important “bonus” son. Despite the fact that Jamar is technically the Oklahoma couple’s foster child, Ree and Ladd don’t treat him any different from their biological children. In fact, Drummond even included Jamar in some of her essays in Frontier Follies. However, she first needed to be sure she wasn’t breaking any rules with the fostering agency.

Ree Drummond Explains Foster Son Jamar’s Reaction to Her Stories

When fostering a child, the family is responsible for protecting the identity and safety of the new member. In order to do so, agencies put in place a set of rules and regulations. This is to prevent any unwarranted contact from parents who have lost custody of their child for whatever reason and maintain a healthy and safe environment at their new home.

So, when Ree Drummond wanted to include her “bonus” son in her stories, she had to be sure she wasn’t doing anything that would compromise Jamar’s safety. Once she got the green light from the respective authorities, she couldn’t wait to tell the world what a difference her third son made in the family’s life. Of course, she also made sure she had Jamar’s permission, too.

“Yes, I asked him if he would mind. I knew he wouldn’t because he had been saying more and more that he wants me to share more about him because for a long time I wasn’t able to mention him in any way, for understandable reasons because of the regulations and rules,” Drummond explained on her official website.

She continued, “I spent a good few days writing the essay about Jamar, and he was the first person I shared it with. I wanted him to read it, and agree with it, and be okay with it. I emailed it to him and he sent me a text with the watery eyes emoji and he said, ‘I love it, I love you.’ It made me cry.”