‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Reveals Why Her Recipes Feature Many Photos

by Jonathan Howard

While most fans know the Pioneer Woman for her work on Food Network, she first gained notoriety as a blogger. Her detailed posts spread her recipes before she ever ended up on camera. Now, she has cookbooks and other materials to share with viewers and fans. They have been eye-catching and full of great information.

Life for Ree Drummond seems to always be busy. Whether her husband and kids are out working on the ranch or she is planning the next big meal. However, that hasn’t stopped her from investing time and energy into her other projects. When it comes to a Pioneer Woman cookbook, all that time and energy is apparent in the final product. Drummond talked about her cookbooks with Cowboys and Indians and how they relate to her prior blog work.

“The step-by-step format of my cookbooks is a reflection of my blog posts from Day One,” Drummond said about her process. It all comes down to just making the books and extension of her blog work. That means, lots of photos, no matter what the task is for the day.

“Whether I was sharing a morning of Ladd and he kids working cattle or a recipe for chicken-fried steak, I always posted photos of the entire process, rather than just one representative photo.” Drummond has always been about portraying each step of the process no matter what she is conveying to viewers and readers. That’s because she makes the content how she would like it to be made.

The ‘Pioneer Woman’ on Visuals

There is a good reason that Pioneer Woman recipes are always so visual. Not just a glamour picture of the finished product, but step by step pictures that show the home cook what each step looks like. Sometimes, there aren’t enough visual components to recipes outside of the finished photo.

For Ree Drummond, it’s a personal preference for her. “I’m a very visual person, so that’s how I like to see and learn things myself.” By making the book fit her style of learning, it likely helps her form the style and layout of the recipes and more. Learn like the Pioneer Woman, from the woman herself. The style makes her homestyle aesthetic pop, and that family feeling comes through the pages.

“And yes, the warm, familiar family recipes are the ones I have shared from the beginning. It’s the food I grew up eating, and it’s food that resonates with many people who have vivid memories of the meals their mom and grandmother made.” Everyone loves home-cooking.

Throughout her career, the Pioneer Woman has brought that family-style and feeling to all that she does. It makes sense that her cookbooks reflect that as well. On the ranch or in the kitchen, family is the center of all that Ree Drummond does.