‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Says Daughter’s Wedding Was ‘Crashed’ by Surprising Guests

by Matthew Wilson

What’s a wedding without a few wedding crashers? “Pioneer Woman” creator Ree Drummond revealed some surprising guests at her daughter Alex’s wedding.

No, it wasn’t Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson as funny as that would have been. Instead, the wedding crashers were Drummond’s own pets. Her basset hounds decided to get in on the wedding celebrations. And they walked quite a piece as well. Think “Homeward Bound” with more cake and bouquets. Okay, so maybe they didn’t trek across the country. But the hounds did walk a couple of miles.

On Instagram, Drummond wrote: “My basset hounds crashed the wedding. They heard the commotion and walked 1.8 miles down the road to the reception. Okay, bye.”

Alex married her sweetheart Scott back in May. The couple met when they were just freshmen at Texas A&M University. They got engaged last August, and through Drummond, followers had an inside look of what it’s like to plan a wedding. But when that special day came, it ended up being what fairytales are made of.

“Lots of behind-the-scenes wedding fun, weather drama, and a few happy tears, too. It’ll be fun to experience it all while wearing jeans and no Spanx! (P.S. I may or may not have stepped on a floor vent cover with my wedding heels and gotten stuck right before the ceremony. Why, Ree?? Why??)” the “Pioneer Woman” gushed on Instagram.

Drummond became a proud mama as her daughter took the step into matrimony.

“It was such a meaningful, memorable night — beautiful flowers, great food, and so much fun…but what we all felt most of all was the love.” She also wrote, “It was even more special than any of us could have hoped for.”

Pioneer Woman’s Daughter

Alex Drummond also discussed what the day was like for her, particularly her father being there. Her dad had been seriously injured in an automobile accident before the wedding. But come Alex’s special day, he was there to walk her down the aisle.

“When I thought about the wedding day, that’s what imagined,” said Alex. “My dad getting to walk me down the aisle — especially considering his accident and everything that’s happened lately—and seeing Mauricio for the first time.”

The “Pioneer Woman” creator’s daughter also ended up going on a luxurious and expensive vacation. Both she and hubby Scott went to the Maldives. That location costs between $15,000 to $30,000 for two tickets. They also ended up paying around $25,000 just to stay at the nine-day resort. As far as honeymoons go, the two certainly went all out on celebrating the occasion. But they also looked like they had a lot of fun as well.