‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shares Precious Photo of Son Embracing Daughter at Her Wedding

by Samantha Whidden

One proud mama! ‘The Pioneer Woman’s’ Ree Drummond took to her Instagram over the weekend to share a gorgeous of her children Alex and Todd embracing one another at Alex’s wedding. Alex and her new husband Mauricio Scott got married at the beginning of May 2021. 

“Bro of the bride! 😭 Todd ❤️’s Alex so much. (He loves you too, Paige…😂),” the cooking show host gushes on her social media page.

Ree has four children with her husband, Ladd Drummond. They are Alex, Todd, Paige, and Bryce. Followers of ’The Pioneer Woman’ also responded to the post by commenting, “All the fame and fortune aside Ree… you have beautiful, kind children. That’s all a mama can ask for.”

Ree Drummond is highly involved with her family. In a recent question and answer piece on her blog, the ‘Pioneer Woman’ reveals what marriage advice she would give her children.

“I totally think that in marriage you often hear it’s 50/50, you have to meet each other halfway,” she states. “But I found through the years that it actually needs to be 100/100.”

Ree Drummond further explains that if someone approaches marriage 100/100 they will “fill the gaps” during the times that their partner is not able to give their all. “That could be a very antiquated marital concept, but I’m 51. I’m a little antiquated myself. 

Ree Drummond Talks ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Cooking Show 

During a 2019 interview with CBS, Ree Drummond discusses her cooking career prior to ‘The Pioneer Woman’ premiere on The Food Network. “I’m not a trained chef, and so I have a level of accessibility,” Ree admits.

She also says she isn’t going to show her viewers anything beyond their personal skills and uses a lot of ingredients that are pretty easy to get. 

The ‘Pioneer Woman’ herself also states she loves recipes that are easy to remember and obviously not fancy. This includes Mac and cheese, sticky buns, and chicken-fried steak. “It’s really food that people want to eat, right?” She asks. “It is, and the answer to that question is usually either butter or creme! Why is this so good?” 

The cook show host then describes herself as more of a mom who cooks for her family instead of being anything famous. She also has no problem discussing her love of butter while on the show. 

‘The Pioneer Woman’ premiered on the Food Network in August of 2011 and now has 15 seasons and more than 230 episodes. The show notably features Drummond cooking for friends and family at her Oklahoma ranch. The series is notably named after Drummond’s blog. Ree has also written various cookbooks as well as a children’s book, and her own autobiography.