‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shares Three ‘Secrets to a Happy Marriage’

by Jonathan Howard

One of the things that the Pioneer Woman does best that her fans love is showing her family life. Ree loves bragging on her husband and kids.

Of course, with today being Valentine’s Day, Drummond has a great excuse to post about her husband, Ladd. The two spend a lot of time together at their Oklahoma ranch. From cattle wrangling outside to homecooked meals in the kitchen and everything that happens in between, the two make it all work. While they used to have a house full of kiddos, the nest is a lot more empty lately.

In her most recent Instagram post, the Pioneer Woman stands next to her husband in a beautiful wooded landscape. It looks like a small creek is behind them or a stream of some kind. This was a post that fans took to immediately, racking up over 10,000 likes in less than 30 minutes. Check it out below and see for yourself. Luckily, Ree has some marriage advice for all of us, too.

“Never mind my crooked sunglasses,” Drummond asked of her followers in the caption. “I just wanted to share a photo with Ladd from last summer and also use this opportunity to share three of my secrets to a happy marriage: 1. Listen to each other. 2. Touch feet in bed right before you go to sleep, even if you’re mad. 3. Never, ever ski together. [Heart emoji] Well, it’s a start, anyway!”

Apparently, the Pioneer Woman wants to celebrate her husband quite a bit on this day of love. She already posted a special Valentine’s Day post about Ladd. It featured the two hugging in their iconic kitchen. The two are very close.

‘Pioneer Woman’ and Husband Ladd Share a Special Bond

When Ree isn’t getting Ladd out of the mud around the ranch, she is doing her best to be a wife and friend to her husband. The two have had quite a journey in their relationship. From raising children, running a ranch, and more recently a scary firetruck accident.

While responding to a fire near the ranch, something that was common last summer, Ladd and nephew Caleb were hurt in an accident. Afterward, Ladd drove himself to the hospital while Caleb was driven via ambulance. Ree was called by her husband and immediately left to go meet them at the hospital.

During his recovery, guess who was there… that’s right, Ree, the Pioneer Woman. She was ready to respond when it happened and has stuck by her Valentine. Because she knows that when times get tough for her, Ladd will be right there with all the support that she needs.