‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shares Touching Video of Husband Ladd Dancing with Daughter at Wedding Months after Near-Fatal Crash

by Anna Dunn

Ree Drummond of The Pioneer Woman recently posted photos and videos of her Daughter’s stunning wedding to her husband Mauricio on her Instagram. In a video on Drummond’s story, her daughter, Alex, dances with Ree’s husband, Ladd. This is months after a crash that almost ended Ladd Drummond’s life.

“Brb crying,” she said in the sweet video of the father-daughter dance. The always emotionally charged father-daughter dance likely felt even more beautiful knowing what could have been. Drummond took off his neck brace to dance with his daughter. He held her close as the two slowly swayed to the music.

The Pioneer Woman is a Food Network show with the blogger at its front and center. But when Drummond isn’t working away, she’s spending time on her beautiful 433,000 acre Oklahoma ranch with her husband and children. Life almost took a tragic turn for the family when Ladd got in a car crash on that same property.

When responding to a fire on the ranch, Ladd Drummond wound up in a collision with his nephew after winds made it difficult to see. The rancher’s neck wound up broken in two separate places. Neither man was wearing a seatbelt. Thankfully, both survived the crash.

While many of the videos and pictures were shared on Ree Drummond’s story, The Pioneer Woman blogger and host also shared some photos right to her instagram.

“Alex and Mauricio’s wedding was beyond [heart eyes] and I will be sharing many (many many!) photos soon..” She wrote, “but I couldn’t wait to post one of my very favorites. All the siblings together…and Mauricio makes six!”

‘Pioneer Woman’ Spoke of The Near-Fatal Accident

After the accident, Ree Drummond spoke out about her own emotions about the devastating crash a week after it occurred in March.

“It’s been hard to see the guys in pain. I have such a vivid picture of how very different (and how much worse) things could have turned out for our family last week,” she said. “And how different today could look. For both Caleb and Ladd to be okay — injured, yes, but fixable — after seeing the condition of their trucks makes me not want to spend one second complaining.”

After the accident, Ladd initially refused treatment before realizing he broke his neck. Once he did, he made the decision to drive himself to the hospital. On that note, Drummond also said that there were no hard feelings.

“I can’t even be mad at Ladd for driving himself to the hospital with a broken neck,” she continued, “I’m just so glad I’m home with him.”

And now, just a handful of weeks later, The “pioneer woman” got to watch as her husband danced with her daughter at her wedding. It’s a stark reminder that life truly is precious.