‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Shouts Out Her Friend for Extending Trip for Son’s Football Game

by Jonathan Howard

Those that know the Pioneer Woman know that Ree Drummond loves her family and small-town living. Friday night football games at the high school are a regular activity for the Drummonds. When the family isn’t on the ranch, they could be spending Friday evening watching their son play quarterback. This past Friday she had some special guests at the game.

Over on her Instagram page, Drummond shared a photo with Joy the Baker and her “fella.” The three looked like they were enjoying the Pawhuska Huskies football game. Joy and her friend even brought their own shirts to cheer on the home team.

“Find a friend who extends her trip an extra night so she and her fella can not only come to your kid’s Friday night football game…but stay till [sic] the very end despite a thirty point lead,” the post read. Down in the replies, Joy replied “Wouldn’t miss it and all the cowbell!!!” Apparently, the Huskies take a tradition from the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Must be quite the atmosphere for a high school game.

It is great to see that the Pioneer Woman and Joy the Baker are such great friends. Viewers and fans in the comments were tickled by the fact they were spending such quality time together. Also, how about that little humble brag from Drummond? A thirty-point lead ain’t nothing to scoff at. Way to go Huskies!

‘Pioneer Woman’ Learns with Visuals

While describing the way she formats her cookbooks, Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, mentioned how she learns best visually. That has influenced her work from blog posts to her books. Instead of just including a picture of the finished dish, she includes photos of each step or at least stages of the dish. By being able to see what the recipe looks like as it develops, it helps those at home know they are on the right track.

“The step-by-step format of my cookbooks is a reflection of my blog posts from Day One,” the Pioneer Woman said about her cookbooks. “I’m a very visual person, so that’s how I like to see and learn things myself.” It has garnered her a lot of success, so it must be working. It is interesting that she makes her recipes, even in her books, visual and engaging. She takes great care to make sure everything is just how she wants it to be.

Viewers love the downhome feel of Ree Drummond on her social media, on television, and in her cookbooks. It makes a connection that fans relate deeply with. This has allowed her to make the Pioneer Woman brand what it is today.