‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Updates Fans on Husband’s Ranch-Related Injury at Daughter’s Wedding

by Madison Miller

This past weekend, “Pioneer Woman” Ree Drummond and her family got together to celebrate her oldest daughter’s wedding day.

Her daughter Alex Drummond got married to Mauricio Scott in a beautiful outdoor ceremony located in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. The family shared photos of the event on social media. One of which posted by Ree Drummond shows her alongside her husband, Ladd Drummond. He is still sporting the neck brace as a result of a recent incident on the ranch.

She openly captions the photo, “Our honeymoon baby is getting married tonight. (TMI?).”

Update on Ree Drummond’s Husband’s Injury

Last month, Ladd Drummond and his nephew, Caleb Drummond, were helping fight a fire that had started on the farm. The two were driving when they collided with another truck head-on. In a blog post, Drummond revealed that her husband broke his neck in two different places. One of which was nearly catastrophic. Their nephew suffered a few broken ribs, a concussion, and a few other injuries.

According to Popculture, Drummond said, “Ladd just went out and burned some pasture, wearing a neck brace and all. You can’t take the country out of the guy, I’m tellin’ ya. You maybe can sidetrack him for a few weeks.”

Despite his ability to stay active over the last month or so, his injury was very serious so Ladd is still in the process of healing.

Alex Drummond was hoping that her father would be able to get the brace off before her wedding. She was hoping he could at the very least take it off to walk her down the aisle. Given Ree Drummond’s photo, this didn’t appear to be the case.

Regardless, the wedding appears to be a very happy success.

Caleb Drummond DUI

Ree Drummond’s nephew, Caleb Drummond, has been involved in many car-related incidents in the past few months.

In March, he was hospitalized after a serious collision occurred on the family’s farm. Then on April 17, Caleb was arrested for driving under the influence.

According to Today, he was charged with driving under the influence and was also carrying a firearm. There was an open container in his vehicle. Authorities released him later that same day. The investigation is ongoing.

A month before, he had serious injuries to his head, arm, leg, and other places. Ladd was also hospitalized, but refused attention at the scene of the crash and was walking around. However, both men are currently on the mend.

“Ladd was stiff but able to walk around immediately after the accident, so he refused medical attention. This was partly because he wanted the paramedics to focus on Caleb, partly because he was still a little stunned by the accident, and partly because cowboys don’t like to admit when they’re hurt,” Ree Drummond explained after the incident.

It’s been an eventful couple of months for the Drummond family.