‘Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond: What Temperature Does Cooking Star Like Her Steaks?

by Jonathan Howard

Living out in Oklahoma and being married to a cattle rancher, Ree Drummond knows how to cook steak. The Pioneer Woman recently detailed how best to cook a steak. The explanation was very simple as far as recipes go. There isn’t much to cooking a good steak, except for the timing.

Ree Drummond isn’t just a television cook, she also has her own magazine. With her own website and cookbooks, Drummond has shared tons of recipes and tips. When asked about cooking the perfect steak, Drummond says, “medium rare is as far as we go in Oklahoma,” which is what we love to hear.

Steak is peculiar meat. While it can be one of the most decadent and rich culinary experiences, it can also be a leather slab if overcooked. The Pioneer Woman understands that and the gravity of overcooking a good steak. “If you go further than medium rare, it’s a misdemeanor,” Drummond joked while talking about how to cook steak.

The secret to a perfect steak, Ree Drummond says is to get the heat just right.

“[Steak], it’s a completely different texture once it goes beyond medium-rare,” which means heat is a top priority. “So high heat, so you can get the outside really seared and beautiful, and the inside can still stay pinkish-red.” Despite knowing what is best, Drummond doesn’t always get it 100% right.

Ree Drummond’s Perfect Steak

Just like the rest of us, The Pioneer Woman doesn’t always get things right. One problem she finds with steak, in particular, is over-seasoning. “I think over-seasoning it is something I tend to do.” But, the main thing is to not overthink what you’re doing.

Ree Drummond says, “If it’s a good steak, salt, pepper, and butter are the three key ingredients. But just try not to overcook it, and you’ll be happy.” With nice high heat and a decent coat of seasoning, a good steak is well within the grasp of amateur cooks everywhere.

Cooks don’t need to live on a cattle ranch to have a great steak. A cut with some thickness to it should be easy enough to cook to a medium-rare. A thin steak is going to cook quickly and will need to be handled differently from a big sirloin or ribeye. However, the principle remains the same. Any good steak is going to require the right amount of heat and seasoning.

So, making the perfect steak is entirely possible for anyone with a cooking source and basic seasonings. A nice steak on the grill is something everyone can appreciate. While a steak dinner can be daunting for many it doesn’t have to be that way. With Ree Drummond’s words of advice, your steak will be delicious and thankfully, not dry.