Portia de Rossi Undergoes Emergency Surgery for Appendicitis

by Jacklyn Krol

Portia de Rossi underwent emergency surgery after suffering from appendicitis.

On Monday (March 22), Page Six reported that Portia de Rossi underwent emergency surgery after experiencing pain. Wife Ellen Degeneres took her to the hospital where she was diagnosed with appendicitis.

“Ellen rushed Portia to the hospital on Friday night, she was in a lot of pain,” a source confirmed to People. “It was appendicitis and she had surgery.”

Finally, according to reports, Portia de Rossi is back and home and healing. She is “now resting at home and Ellen is taking care of her. It was a scare at first, but all good now,” the source added. Furthermore, there were reportedly no complications with the procedure.

What is Appendicitis?

According to the Mayo Clinic, appendicitis happens when the appendix is inflamed. The appendix is a small pouch on the lower right side of your abdomen from the colon.

Appendicitis symptoms typically include intense pain in your navel area and could progress to your lower right abdomen. The treatment is to remove the organ as it is not needed. If left untreated, it can burst which can cause countless sometimes deadly side effects.

Ellen’s COVID Scare

DeGeneres contracted COVID-19 in December 2020. She discovered her positive test result while in the hair and makeup chair for her talk show. She immediately quarantined away from Portia de Rossi in a different part of their house.

“The first three days I slept for 16 hours a day, and then on the fourth day I woke up with back spasms,” she told her audience. “I thought I had pulled a muscle or slept weird because I was in a different bed, but it just persisted.”

Her doctors prescribed her painkillers for her back pain but her condition didn’t improve. “The painkillers did not help, my back got worse,” she explained. “It felt like I cracked a rib. You know how I make you laugh so hard that your ribs hurt? That’s how it was like for me. Now I know how you feel when I make you laugh.”

Her doctor tried steroids next to help stop her back inflammation. “I’m fine now, everything’s clear,” DeGeneres assured. “I want to thank everyone who reached out with kind words of support.”

“I know a lot of people are struggling with this illness right now,” she concluded. “My heart goes out to all of them.”