‘Price Is Right’ Celebrates 50th Anniversary with ‘FBI’ Star Jeremy Sisto and More

by Leanne Stahulak

“The Price Is Right” just became the longest-running game show ever this year. And they want to kick off their celebration in style with appearances from a few stars.

The game show will host a primetime special later tonight featuring guest appearances from different CBS television celebrities. Julie Chen Moonves, the host of “Big Brother,” will “come on down” tonight. So will “FBI” star Jeremy Sisto, and the cast of the sitcom series “The Neighborhood.”

“Just a couple of the stars on TONIGHT’s #PriceIsRight,” the official “The Price Is Right” Twitter account tweeted earlier today. “Celebrates 50 Years Primetime Special at 9|8c! Thank you, @JCMoonves & @CBSBigBrother, @JeremySisto & @FBICBS, and @TheNeighborhood.”

In the posted video, the different stars sent their congratulations to “The Price Is Right” for its incredible run so far.

“Congratulations on 50 amazing seasons, ‘The Price Is Right,'” Moonves said.

“Hey, congrats to ‘The Price is Right’ on their 50th anniversary. Fifty years!” Sisto exclaimed.

Cedric the Entertainer, the leading man on “The Neighborhood,” said, “We’re huge fans and wish you 50 more amazing years.”

Even though the world has changed so much in the last 50 years, the format of the game has stayed pretty much the same. A contestant from the audience gets called down to play. They compete in a series of mini-games, where they have to guess the price of different retail or luxury items or match prices to items. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to compete in the final showcase showdown.

The main thing that’s changed over the years has been the items people have to price. Different electronics and technology pieces have taken over from dining room furniture and other household items. The show’s also changed hosts after Bob Barker retired in 2007. Drew Carey runs the show now.

‘The Price Is Right’ Adds ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Favorite to Star Line-Up Tonight

It wouldn’t be a CBS celebration without some stars from our favorite show. “The Price Is Right” just announced earlier that Chris O’Donnell from “NCIS: Los Angeles” will be stopping by tonight.

The game show posted a video earlier to show the star’s grand entrance. Host Drew Carey called O’Donnell up to demonstrate a golf putt for a contestant. After congratulating Carey on the show’s 50th anniversary, O’Donnell later admitted he likes to golf.

“I play golf all the time, I’ve played all over the world,” O’Donnell said. “But my whole life I’ve been watching this game. And so it’s so fun to kind of come up here and get a chance. I always wanted to putt on this game.”

“Better not choke on this one,” Carey quipped. O’Donnell agreed, laughing. Just when we’re about to see if the putt goes in, the video cuts off, leaving us in suspense.

Viewers who want to see what happens next will have to tune into the primetime special later tonight on CBS.