’Price is Right’s Bob Barker Had 2 Ribs Broken by Chuck Norris

by Will Shepard

Can you imagine getting something broken by Chuck Norris? The stories that you could spin about that would be absolutely endless. The popularity that you would gain after getting a bone broken by the legendary person would be boundless.

The Price is Right is one of the most popular game shows ever. It has been going for 49 seasons, with the first season coming all the way back in 1972.

Bob Barker was the show’s host from its inaugural season up until 2007. His longevity is the stuff of legends, just like Chuck Norris. During an interview, the iconic show host talks about how he was trying to maintain his physical fitness. In particular, he talks about getting into karate.

While hosting one of his shows, Bob Barker says that he met Chuck Norris. On the show, the soon-to-be actor introduced him to karate and he was instantly hooked.

Bob Barker Tells a Story About How Chuck Norris Broke His Ribs While Practicing Karate

“Well, I got into karate. I had Chuck Norris as a, uh, as a guest on Truth or Consequence. And he did a karate demonstration, and I not only had not done karate, I had never seen karate. I was so impressed that I started taking lessons. He used to come over to my house and give me a karate lesson, have a shower, and then he’d go down the street to an acting class. That was before he’d ever even made his first movie, you know. I worked with him for seven or eight years. I had a great time with Chuck.”

As he finishes his thought, he launches into the real story of doing Karate with Chuck Norris. The story is gripping yet hilarious as well. Bob Barker tells the story with a comical fondness of the experience.

“One time, Chuck [Norris] was working with me. We were sparring, and he kicked me right in here.” Bob Barkers points to just under his left armpit, touching his ribs, and he continues his story. “It hurt, but not just excruciatingly. The next lesson in a couple of days, he couldn’t be there, and his brother Aaron came over. We were sparring, and he right here with his fist, and it hurt.”

Bob Barker points to his heart as he explains where Chuck Norris’s brother hit him. Nonetheless, he continues to explain that the two kept sparring together. He explains, though, that the spots where he was hit weren’t getting any better. The ribs were staying sore, so he went to the doctor. After he got X-rays on the spots that hurt, the doctor told him that he had four broken ribs.

Imagine being a legendary show host and getting to explain to an audience that Chuck Norris broke two of your ribs. Then, you get to say that his brother broke two more of your ribs. Man, what a story to tell!