Prince William Took Son George Hunting, Here’s What the Internet Said About It

by Caroline Bynum

Prince William took his seven-year-old son hunting last weekend and now faces both backlash and adamant support from the Twitter-verse. PETA blasted the family earlier this week, claiming the hunt may “desensitize George to the suffering animals.”

Now, other animal rights activists as well as hunting fanatics share their responses on social media.

Criticism Of Prince William & George Hunting

In addition to PETA, League Against Cruel Sports, another animal activism page posted their thoughts on the situation. They emphatically write, “Game shooting has no place in modern society and the royal family should lead the way on this.”

Another says the Royals live “in the dark ages” in response to the hunting outing.

Others mention the difference in the way Prince William stands for conservation, while also participating in shooting animals. Users call him out for being a “hypocrite.”

His conservation work was certainly the topic of many conversations. Users disagreed with one another about the existence of double standards in the incident.