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Priscilla Presley Gives Major Update on Netflix’s Elvis Spy Cartoon ‘Agent King’

by Brianna Vacca
(Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

The world hasn’t had enough of Elvis Presley yet. Elvis is going to be emerging as a cartoon on Netflix’s “Agent King.”

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s ex-wife has teamed up with co-creator John Eddie and Sony Pictures Animation to present Elvis Presley in a whole new shape and form. A cartoon character. Animated Elvis will join a government spy program where he helps the government combat evil forces. The show collaborates with Sony Pictures Animation as well as Authentic Brands Group and Sony Pictures Television. Netflix bought the new show on the 42nd anniversary of Presley’s death.

But Priscilla Presley is very involved in the making of this television program. She’s not shy about the things that Elvis would, or in this case, wouldn’t say.

Presley documents, “It’s an adult animation. Sometimes a script comes in and I say, ‘Elvis would never say that. It’s those little things… I have to give slack on some areas and be really protective on others. I’m constantly having them do redo things.” 

However, it’s apparent that some people were worried about the show’s production. Presley took to her Twitter to share, “We are still working on Agent King diligently. It should be released in 2022!

Presley told Variety that Elvis has always had a fascination for superhero storylines. She says, “From the time Elvis was a young boy he always dreamed of being the superhero fighting crime and saving the world! Agent King lets him do just that.”

The Accident That Almost Stopped Elvis’s Career

Elvis hit quite a few roadblocks in his career. One of them, almost a career-ending accident. On the set of his 1957 movie “Jailhouse Rock” in MGM Studios in California, Elvis literally hit a roadblock. Presley plays a young convict in the film who dabbles in performing. While learning some of the choreography for a performance, Presley crashed into a pole while in the midst of sliding down the said pole.

The accident caused Presley to inhale his tooth cap. The singer thought he had only swallowed the cap, but no, he inhaled the tooth cap into his lungs. The cap lodged into Presley’s lungs and had to be surgically removed in order for him to recover and resume filming.

The Gift Priscilla’s Father Gave Her

The same year that Elvis released his debut album and became an international star is the same year that Priscilla Presley’s father gifted her Elvis’s record. She spills, “I was living with my family at the Bergstrom Air Force Base in Austin, Texas, where my father, then Captain Joseph Paul Beaulieu, a career officer, was stationed. He came home late for dinner one evening and handed me a record album. I don’t know why he bought me the album. He said, ‘I don’t know what this Elvis guy is all about but he must be something special. I stood in line with half the Air Force at the PX to get this for you; everybody wants it.”