Priscilla Presley Had to Disguise Herself to Find Her Wedding Dress: Here’s Why

by Matthew Wilson

When she went dress shopping, Priscilla Presley donned a disguise. She was about to marry one of the world’s biggest superstars and entertainers. Presley didn’t want all the attention when planning her big day. So she didn’t want anyone to recognize her.

Contrary to popular belief, Presley didn’t hire a fancy designer for her wedding dress. She probably could have with Elvis’s vast wealth and fortune. But Priscilla Presley adopted a simpler and more down to earth approach. She went to a department store and bought one of the dresses from the rack.

To stop herself from being swamped by people in public, Presley chose to wear a blonde wig. She probably looked like someone in disguise. But she didn’t look like Priscilla Presley, a face populating all the papers and media. That was the point.

“I went to places like Neiman Marcus in disguise,” she later told Vogue. “I went with a [blonde] wig and everything just to keep it private!” 

It took a little bit of time for Presley to find the right dress for her. Ultimately, her search took her to a department store where she chose a simple yet elegant dress.

“It wasn’t extravagant, it wasn’t extreme — it was simple and to me, beautiful,” Presley later said. “I didn’t have time to stay there forever and look at dresses; I had one fitting for this dress and that was it, I was out of there.”

Priscilla Presley Marries Elvis in Las Vegas

Their wedding was an extravagant occasion. After all, Elvis Presley was going to go all out. Just about everything the King did was larger than life. Priscilla Presley married the singer on May 1, 1967, in Las Vegas. The couple married in a suit in the Aladdin Hotel in a room adorned by flowers and candles.

It was an intimate affair for the most part though. Only 14 people attended the actual ceremony itself. The Presleys kept things small in that regard. But they did open up the reception for the press where they cut a large five-foot-tall, six-tier wedding cake.

After the wedding, the couple flew to Graceland where they had another ceremony for family and friends. The two ended up divorcing in 1973 after almost six years of marriage. Both Priscilla and Elvis share one daughter together.