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Priscilla Presley: Her Best Moments on Classic TV Show ‘Dallas’

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic)

The King’s ex-wife Priscilla Presley lit up the small-screen during her appearances on the TV soap opera Dallas. Today we look at her best moments on the beloved show.

Presley isn’t only Elvis’ ex-wife, but she is an actress who played in two of the biggest Western comedies to date. Priscilla appeared on “Dallas” and three-part “The Naked Gun” movies.

A source close to the 74-year-old star has spoken about Presley’s time on both the show and the movie series.

“Those were great years for her,” a source tells Closer Weekly. “She loved Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy … all of the cast really. She learned a lot too. Those were magical years for television and Dallas was a very special time for her.”

What Are Priscilla Presley’s Greatest “Dallas” Moments?

“Dallas” delves into the lives of a wealthy Texas family, the Ewings, who own Ewing Oil. The show focuses on the relationships between family members and all of the dirty business they share. These dramatic affairs include monetary discrepancies, rival families, extramarital relationships, booze, sibling rivalry, sexual endeavors, and much, much more.

“Dallas” ran for 14 long seasons, during which the actress portrayed Jenna Wade from season 7 to season 11. The role was previously played by Morgan Franchild and Francine Tacker.

Jenna is Bobby’s girlfriend in season 8 of the popular show. She also has a child with the youngest Ewing son and eventually marries Bobby to become his second wife. Bobby is played by Patrick Duffy.

Presley’s beauty and elegance shone throughout her role. She loves Bobby, but due to a messy court case, she fears for the two’s relationship. She has been charged with killing her ex-husband Naldo Marchetta.

Her Portrayal of Jenna Wade on “Dallas”

In the following clip, she’s warned against marrying one of the Ewing brothers by the character of Sue Ellen who was previously in a relationship with the greedy, tyrannical older Ewing brother, J.R.

In the next scene, Jenna and Sue Ellen discuss their conversation as Jenna comforts and reassures J.R.’s ex during a hard time.

The next clip shows Jenna gently telling Bobby about her conversation with Sue Ellen. She reminds him that she is a Wade who is as equally powerful as the Ewing’s are. She tells him that if she isn’t found guilty then they should get married. He reassures her that she won’t be sentenced for the crime of murder. However, this is a false statement.

One of the most jaw-dropping scenes for Presley’s character is when she receives the sentence of seven years in prison on the “Trial and Error” episode. Although she’s released early, the show makes it seem as though Jenna Wade has no real chance at being found guilty for her crime until she shockingly is.

It’s no surprise the two star-crossed lovers reunite even though the reluctant Bobby is asked to testify against Wade during her trial. This is against J.R.’s wishes. All the while, Bobby is actually in love with another woman.

Presley Continues Her Success in Hollywood

After her five seasons on the Grammy-winning soap opera, the actress went on to appear in shows, such as “Melrose Place,” “Touched by an Angel,” and “Spin City.”

Priscilla also starred in the three “Naked Gun” movies alongside Leslie Nielson. In 1988, 1991, and 1994, Presley played Jane Spencer, the love interest of Nielson’s character.

“’The Naked Gun series’ surprised everyone — not just Hollywood executives, but her and Leslie, who she adored,” the source adds. “That was an amazing ride, and to this day people still stop her in the streets to ask about the films.”

Presley was also handed the role of one of the angels on Charlie’s Angels. However, she turned down the part due to her disinterest in the show.

The show includes Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Jaclyn Smith as the famous female investigators who fight crime.

“At the time she didn’t like the concept of the series. She didn’t mind when it finally came out, and she loves the girls they hired,” the source says.“But it wasn’t right for her. She has no regrets.”