Priscilla Presley Mourns Death of Elvis’ Drummer Ronnie Tutt in Heartfelt Message

by Jacklyn Krol

Priscilla Presley is mourning the loss of a great musician.

On Sunday, October 17, Priscilla paid tribute to Elvis’ drummer, Ronnie Tutt, who recently passed away. Tutt was 83 with no cause of death being provided. Besides Elvis, he played for the Jerry Garcia Band and worked alongside Billy Joel, Buckingham Nicks, among others.

Rest In Peace my friend,” she wrote alongside a photo of the pair. “Your sweet soul and great talent captured us all. Elvis always bragged how you intuitively could keep up with his stage moves. Even when he tried to trick you. :) My heart goes out to you Donna for your loss. And to the TCB band members, James and Glenn. You will be forever missed!”

The official Graceland website also paid tribute to the fallen musical legend.

 “All of us with Elvis Presley Enterprises were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Ronnie Tutt. In addition to being a legendary drummer, he was a good friend to many of us here at Graceland,” the message read.

“We enjoyed each time he joined us here to celebrate Elvis Week, Elvis’ Birthday, and many other special occasions. Ronnie was an amazing ambassador to Elvis’ legacy – sharing his memories of working with Elvis with fans – as well as bringing Elvis’ music to arenas around the globe through later Elvis in Concert shows and performances,” it concluded.

Priscilla Presley on Elvis’ Jumpsuits Being Sold

Elvis Presley’s iconic 1972 Madison Square Garden concert jumpsuit show recently sold for over a million dollars. Fans of The King presumed that Priscilla Presley was involved in some way. They believed that she was the one selling it and making the money. She quickly shut down the accusation in a social media note.

“To all concerned. I had ‘nothing’ to do with the sale of Elvis’s jumpsuit. GWS Auctions owned the Jumpsuit. We have many at Graceland. I did not benefit from the sale in any way!” she posted on Twitter.

She confirmed that she never owned that costume in her lifetime. If she were to ever sell something, it most likely would be through Graceland itself.

However, she did work with GWS Auctions before. She previously worked on them or an auction to benefit a cause close to her heart. After the passing of her mother, she wanted to do something to dedicate to her. So, she wanted to benefit the Dream Foundation, which helps terminally ill adults fulfill their last wishes.

“I was asked if I would offer a lunch to the highest bidder at the auction,” she explained. “It was an opportunity to give to some of the animal charities that I’m involved with, including Dream Foundation, of which I’ve been involved with for 18 years. GWS Auctions, auction many celebrity items which they own. FYI, in the last few years Graceland has had auctions.”