Priscilla Presley Posts Beautiful Photo, Message to Mother Lillian Anna Iversen on 95th Birthday

by Quentin Blount

Actress Priscilla Presley took to social media early on Saturday evening to post a happy birthday message to her mother.

The ex-wife of legendary rock ‘n roller Elvis Presley often shares updates about her life with her fans. But perhaps none of those were more adorable than her post on Monday. Presley shared a photo of her mother online who is celebrating her 95th birthday on this glorious day.

And in addition to posting a picture of her mom, Presley also shared a cute interaction when she informed her that she was, in fact, turning 95 today.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our beautiful Mom,” Priscilla Presley captions the photo. “Ninety five today! She can’t believe it! I asked her, ‘Mom, how old are you?’ She said, ‘I don’t know… 50?’ Mom, you’re 95!! She said, ‘WHAT!! Oh boy, I’m old!’ 😂”

Presley has quite the following on social media, including more than a quarter-of-a-million followers on Instagram alone. Her happy birthday post on Saturday has already gotten more than 11,500 likes since being posted online.

Many of those fans made it their duty to also send a happy birthday message to Presley’s mother, Lillian Anna Iversen.

One Elvis Presley fan left a comment writing, “Happy Birthday beautiful. Have a Blessed day! ❤️❤🙏🏻”

Meanwhile, Instagram user Ryan Moore wishes Lillian a happy birthday as well. “She looks great. Happy birthday to your mom. Be well,” he wrote.

Another follower did much of the same. They left a message commenting on how good Lillian looks for being 95-years-old. They said, “Wow she looks amazing. Happy Birthday Priscillas momma 🍃♥️🍃♥️♥️♥️🕊”

Priscilla Presley Wishes Her Daughter Lisa Happy Birthday in February

Sticking with the happy birthday theme, it was just a little over a month ago that Priscilla Presley took to her official Instagram page to wish her daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, a happy birthday.

Lisa is of course the only child shared between Priscilla and the legendary rocker, Elvis Presley. After all, Priscilla was the only marriage partner that Elvis ever had. The two were married from 1967 to 1973. However, they got divorced shortly after the birth of their daughter.

“Happy Birthday Yisa! Mom❤️” Presley captions her post.

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