Priscilla Presley Reveals Little Known Fact About Elvis Presley: ‘In Case Those of This Generation Don’t Know’

by Chris Haney

On Sunday afternoon, Elvis Presley’s ex-wife, Priscilla Presley, shared a little-known fact about how Graceland’s barn got its name.

Priscilla met The King abroad as a teenager when the musician was stationed in Germany during his time in the service. Three years later in 1962, Priscilla visited Elvis in America and she moved into Graceland in 1963. The couple married in May 1967, and nine months later they welcomed Presley’s only child, Lisa Marie, in February 1968.

The couple divorced in 1973, and The King passed away four years later in 1977. Following his death, Priscilla took over as the chairwoman of Elvis Presley Enterprises. She and the company are responsible for turning Elvis Presley’s Memphis mansion into one of the most visited tourist attractions in the nation. Not only did she live there for years, but her working relationship with Graceland gives her a wealth of knowledge about the property.

Earlier today, she revealed details that not many Elvis Presley fans will know about. Graceland’s barn held The King’s beloved horses, including Priscilla’s Quarter Horse named Domino and Presley’s favorite golden palomino named Rising Sun.

In the mid-60s, Elvis purchased the horses along with multiple others. Around that time, the British rock band The Animals scored a huge hit with their 1964 single “House Of The Rising Sun.” While the famous couple attended to their horses, a radio in the barn played the song. One day, a member of the Memphis Mafia named Jerry Schilling came up with the barn’s name. From then on, Elvis Presley’s Graceland barn was named The House of the Rising Sun.

Elvis Presley’s Cousin Says He Has ‘No Contact’ With Priscilla, Lisa Marie

Earlier this month, Elvis Presley’s cousin and right-hand man Billy Smith spoke about his estranged relationship to Priscilla and Lisa Marie. Smith spent almost every day in the presence of The King, but has lost touch with the Presley side of the family.

During a recent video answering fan’s questions, Smith and his wife Jo opened up about their family. Smith was part of Presley’s Memphis Mafia entourage for years. Presley is eight years his senior, but Smith spent 34 years of his life around Elvis before his death in 1977.

Additionally, Smith and his wife lived on the grounds of Graceland behind the mansion for years. Smith assisted Elvis Presley with day-to-day needs around the property and also toured with him. There is no living individual that has spent more time with Elvis. Yet Billy and Jo revealed they have no contact with Priscilla, Lisa Marie, or any other Presley family members.

The couple recently answered questions on their YouTube channel Memphis Mafia Kid. A fan asked if they still speak with the Presley family, and if not, why. Billy and Jo admitted they don’t have a specific reason as to why they don’t speak anymore.

“Actually no, we don’t. I don’t know why,” Billy says in the video.

“I guess they don’t like us, I don’t know, you’d have to ask them. We haven’t been in contact with any of them,” Jo adds.