Priscilla Presley Sends Special Message Ahead of Elvis Week

by Madison Miller

While it’s still a few months away, Priscilla Presley is getting her fans excited for Elvis Week.

Earlier this month, she announced that she would make an appearance at the annual event happening at Elvis Presley’s Graceland property.

“August is coming near. I’m looking forward to seeing you during Elvis week! I hope to meet some new faces. It’s been a long lost year. Let’s make up for it!!!” Priscilla Presley wrote on Twitter.

After COVID-19 shut down many parts of the entertainment world, Elvis Presley fans are excited to get together and celebrate The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Elvis Week 2021 with Priscilla Presley

Elvis Week 2021 will take place from August 11-17. It is the 44th anniversary of Presley’s passing away. However, the week is meant to be a celebration of his work and his lasting pop culture image. Graceland is expecting massive crowds of people at the festivities.

Priscilla Presley will bring in her own crowd too. According to Business Wire, she will make a special appearance at the Elvis In Concert event on August 16. Then she’ll attend Conversations On Elvis on August 17. Fans can also expect something completely new this year. That is an exclusive cocktail party on the back lawn of Graceland. This is available to Elvis Week Platinum Package Holders on August 17 and Priscilla will be at the party. Some of these tickets are still available to buy, here.

While fans are excited to see Priscilla Presley, Elvis Presley’s former wife and an actor on “Dallas,” others are also gracing the home of the rock and roll legend. Sam Thompson, Norbert Putnam, David Briggs, Glen Hardin, Terry Blackwood, Charles Stone, Dixie Lock Emmons, The Imperials, Charlie McCoy, and Terry Mike Jeffrey will all be there. People can book a room at the iconic The Guest House at Graceland, a newer addition to Elvis Presley’s estate.

From the annual candlelight vigil to artist contests to a massive concert event, that week is lined up with exciting events and familiar faces. Memphis will be crawling with Elvis Presley fans.

Features of the Mansion

One of the protective and iconic parts of the mansion is still standing strong. The Graceland Gates, with an eccentric music note theme, continues to be a popular location for guests to snap pictures. Elvis actually added this protective and decorative feature before he moved onto the property.

As for the mansion itself, that was the home to the people Elvis loved most. His mother, father, and grandparents all lived there at one point. Priscilla Presley lived there as well as the couple’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, before they divorced. Graceland was home to Presley’s eccentric car collection and the infamous jungle room where he recorded and relaxed.

According to Country Living, he starting filling the Graceland barn with horses in 1968. He was a prolific rider and absolutely adored horses. His favorite was a Palomino. Now, his estate always has that kind of horse present to honor him. Elvis Presley had a unique way of designing, which is still very clear when visiting his home. Some changes have been made, but the estate still showcases the style and life of The King.